Monday, September 27, 2010

Book Fun: The Sweet Smell of Christmas

The Sweet Smell of Christmas (Scented Storybook)M is developing such adorable fun reading habits.  During our evening book time she will first try to insert herself into Brent's lap or line of vision wherever he and B are reading.  When they fail to let her do the reading (i.e. insist on actually reading and turning the pages and intended).  She will abandon their set up and go pull her own book (or 12) from the bookshelf and carry it over to me, sit down in my lap and proceed to "read".  I, usually, attempt to actually read the book quietly into her ear while B's story continues.  This, it turns out, is not really her plan.  Instead she wants to "read" the book her own way, which basically equals ongoing babbling, pointing and flipping all the pages back and forth.  Today, M "read" The Sweet Smell of Christmas (Scented Storybook) over and over for the entire time it took to read B's two bedtime books today (Epossumondas and Best Friends for Frances).

B was fascinated and quite distracted from the other books by all the pointing, page turning, and smelling going on with our book. (Side note - This is a scratch and sniff book).M's recitation even included arm motions as the baby bear at the end of the book appears to be going "Ta Da" as M has been taught to do after her somersaults so when she happened on that page she would often say "Ta Da" and lift her arms too.   As all this excitement was going on B tried to co-opt the book and have Brent actually read it, but the deal was, of course, either I read it or no one as M had claimed it for herself and it would only be his turn when she had finished hers. (He declined and Brent read Epossumondas instead).  Such and interesting dynamic with our kids and such a fun, adorable baby lady.

  I have no idea how long her reading might have continued as after booktime and teeth brushing she was still reading it to me when it was time to kiss B good night.  It is fair to say that M gives The Sweet Smell of Christmas two enthusiastic hands up!

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