Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Time: 12:05am

I am just wrapping up my  work for today.  Note the post time, late, right?  If there is such a thing as "busy" or "high" season in my work these next three weeks are it.  I have spent most of the last three hours drafting, editing, researching away while Brent has played video games and our kids slept.  This would usually go a bit faster, but I'm still working to pull my focus and critical thinking consistently back in line as they seem to be a bit wandering still as they cope with the reality of saying good-bye to my Dad.  I start thinking about how he'll never come to DC with me for Board week, which he always wanted to do, and the focus slips away to silly things like Twitter. 

Am I tired? Absolutely and have resorted to extra chocolate to get me through that one last piece or two of the puzzle tonight.  But would I exchange this late night editing for the time M and I spent puttering around in the backyard gardening, harvesting, playing with chalk, on this cool autumn afternoon or for the dinner prep I did with B, teaching him about root vegetables, peeling, cutting, stirring, and roasting to an autumn delight made of the bounty of our own garden? Absolutely not.  I love that I get both tasks in their place even if it means I'm tired in the morning.

I love that at 4pm on a Monday I am out playing in the dirt with my baby rather than typing away or sitting in an endless meeting.  High season will pass quickly enough and ends with a stay here while we push through the adrenaline that is New Trustee Orientation +  Board week.  I love the "high" of those crazy days, but know somewhere around 4pm in the back of my mind I might just be missing laughing in the grass with Maggie.  Two very different thrills, but I'll take them both and love each for its own joy and challenge. I'm such a lucky girl.

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