Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

Ok, still working, but taking a quick break.

1. M has had the sniffles for a couple days and sadly feel myself sliding down that hill with her. Not good.

2. We took another Great Walk to Sonic this evening and had even less trouble and more fun.  The kind Sonic car hops even gave each kid a pair of the Halloween sunglasses.  The cat ones B got are particularly awesome. Perhaps becoming a monthly event? Was a bit scarier this time as all lanes of the road are open to traffic, but everyone did really well.

3. I thought this was a great new mother blog post from a realistic perspective that I particularly appreciate. I hope to be that helpful friend to new moms I encounter.  Rest assured you are normal, it gets better, etc..

4. We had Gingerbread Pancakes with toasted pecans and apples today for dinner due to the arrival of our semi-annual Maple Syrup shipment arriving from Amazon (oh the beauties of autoship).  The pancakes were very heavily spiced and a little more dense than we're used to, but generally good for an early fall evening.

5. M's book pics for today were: The Sweet Smell of Christmas (again), The Adventures of WonderBaby, Bugs in Space : Starring Captain Bug Rogers,Miss Spider's Tea Party: The Counting Book, and Barnyard Dance!. She does have excellent and varied taste.  B stuck with Disney Pixar Cars Tour the Town (Steering Wheel Sound) and How Do Dinosaurs Clean Their Rooms?  Isn't booktime fun?

6. Brent is going to OU/TX with his Dad this weekend.  Can you believe it is his first time to go? I think they'll have a lot of fun.  The kids and I are going to the farm, assuming my mom is willing to put up with possible germs....

7. Decided to go see Michael Buble with some friends in December.  Also hoping to see at least one Ballet and one show this winter.  (Note to self- tell Tracie what you picked already!)

8. Isn't fall lovely? The weather, getting to be outside more, just the light even.  Lovely.

9. B is an incredible helper these days.  He loves having tasks and almost never complains about them anymore.  We do lots of chores together and he dives right in.  He also caries bags from the car, helps with M and is generally my right hand man.  I love this.  Every time he jumps in to help voluntarily or asks to do things simple as it is is awesome as a parent.  So was getting a hug for buying him maple syrup.  Sweet boy.

10.  M is now, officially, addicted to the blanket Aunt Audra made her.  We have had two in rotation and typically leave the Aunt Audra blanket at Ms. Courtney's, but yesterday M protested mightily its absence in the evening.  She also has started carrying it around with her more when not sleeping.  This is probably enhanced by feeling sick, but is also quite adorable and I know Aunt Audra will be ecstatic!

Ok, back to the grind.  Hope you had a wonderful Tuesday!

(Ps. Note, as usual amazon.com links are affiliate links).

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