Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. I saw this cool @ symbol on Etsy and immediately added it to my wish list to put in my office.  How cool is that?  I immediately had to start looking for Ampersands too, but haven't found one yet that struck me quite as much.  This one comes close, but we shall see.

2.  I happened on to Melody's blog post at the Brave Girls Club yesterday and it is just so moving. I don't really know how she made it through all her trials, but she has with such courage and wisdom.  Great thoughts to share.

3.  I am joining Bloggers Unite in their Fight For Preemies campaign for awareness on November 17th.  Check out the project and consider joining your blog as well. I will have more thoughts on prematurity that day, but in short it is terrifying and I fervently hope for more research, education and prenatal care to prevent future parents from living that difficulty.

4. Last week, Write.Click.Scrapbook's theme was Thankfulness.  Nearly every day had a cool free downloadable image, but I particularly wanted to share this one for their Thanksgiving banner.  I am also digging the cool free printables from Craftily Ever After with Thanksgiving themes.  This one is my favorite, but scroll through recent posts for many more.

5.  As you know, I'm a HUGE fan of Mom-101 (aka Liz) and really liked her "Mom-101's 470 Top 10 All Time Best Bloggers in the History of the World. " idea so I promptly nominated my mom for the list (and may hack my mom's blog to add the badge code for her).  Who would you add?  I'd love to know your favorites as Brent and I follow a lot of blogs and are always interested in more really good ones.

6. The Scrapper's Give Thanks project is now accepting nominations for hospitals to send their card albums to.  You can find the submission site here. I, of course, nominated St. Louis Children's Hospital and OU Children's Hospital as those are the two we have connections too.  (I've linked to both here so you could, if you wanted, copy and past the links into their site if you'd like to nominate one or both as well--hint hint).

7.  We've begun week two of two kids in swimming.  It makes for a bit of the circus as I pick M up at 4:45 then have about 30 minutes to drive home (10 minutes) feed kids and myself, get M, B and I changed, pack two bags with towels and post-swim clothes (1 for me and M and one for B), hand B off to Brent (assuming he makes it home in time) and load M and me up in the car.  Then quick dash to Y (15-20min), strip off jackets and jump in the pool for 30 minutes.  Brent and B arrive sometime later during this and we maybe pass in the hall after M and I have showered, dressed (major feat) and are heading back to the parking lot.  By 6:30 M and I drive off, B is in the pool and Brent is watching.  We're all back home by 7:20 and ready for jammies and a night routine.  Wow. Luckily, we'll go back to one kid in lessons soon.

8.  While the boys are at the pool M and I have snacks and a dance party.  Our normal tunes of late are from C'mon by Renee & Jeremy (We've been fans of their It's A Big World for years).  I have to say that there is almost nothing cuter than a freshly clean baby girl in her jammies having a dance party.

9.  I was back to the Dr. today for more tests and talks.  It looks like there will be a bit more talking about my EKG, but that treatment for my skelatal muscular issues is progressing.  I'm trying to remember to have M walk more on her own and pick her up less, but it makes both of us sad...

10. I've completed the base of my December Daily and you can check it out here.  I'm "almost" finished with the many layers to create the cover and will add that soon.  Rest assured that despite that it looks simple it is pretty time consuming.  I like most of the set-up so far and "think" it will be easy to use.  My plan is to print my journaling each day in the pre-printed boxes on the numbered daily pages so I'll just need to adhere the pictures as they are printed each week.  We shall see....

Off to do a bit more crafting and a bit more resting.  Hope you have a lovely day!

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