Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1.  I find myself randomly cranky this evening for no clearly identifiable reason.  I think it may be the insane pace of my work just now, but I'm not sure.  Could be that my love of variety and WAHM life are occasionally hard/frustrating--- today featured trying to make quick dinner, email VP about tomorrow's meeting and watch two kids while getting them and myself dressed and packed for swim lessons--- all to be finalized plus fed within 30 minutes or less.  Next career: juggling...

2. B is loving swimming still.  He was given the choice between swimming class or the Edmond Christmas parade --- featuring SANTA on Thursday and promptly, repeatedly chose swimming. Surprising, but easier on our schedule so we'll take it.

3. December Daily starts tomorrow.  I'm excited and totally without a plan.  Had lined up the parade for Thursday, but clearly will have to consider telling a different story... maybe about how much he loves swimming. It isn't Christmas centric, but is our new daily life.  Wonder what tomorrow's daily life will bring?

4. We haven't begun holiday decorating yet.  I like to wait until at least the first and at this point, it is realistically looking like Sunday at the earliest before we can think about the tree, but that is pretty much par for us.  My Dad was old-school about Advent and didn't want the tree up until the last minute so I'm pretty relaxed about it, but do insist on leaving it up the full 12 days after Christmas.

5.  We had a fabulous visit from Mary & Andy yesterday.  Upon reflection I have no idea why I didn't find them a more comfortable placed to sit, but loved chatting with them and snacking on the Smitten Kitchen Sugar &Spice Candied Pecans (Pecans courtesy of my Grandpa, as described on my Mom's blog--- there are none better than his). They even brought us Sonic:)

6. Got my haircut today and had a lovely chat with Janna.  We are now in such similar life circumstances in many ways that it is great to vent with someone walking a very similar path--- and end up with awesome hair too!  I so look forward to these visits.

7. The birds have arrived!  My mom bought the kids this incredible bird-feeder that she and B carefully assembled and filled so they can watch the birds all winter.  It took a couple weeks for the birds to discover it, but in the last few days cautious visits have increased and now it is very frequently occupied.  We, clearly, have no idea what kind of birds they are so Grandma B or Grammy is going to have to clue us in.

8. I have done VERY little Christmas shopping and sort of have this overwhelmed feeling of not being sure where to start.  I vaguely think we want to get M a little kitchen and B a bicycle, but don't know much about buying either.  Any suggestions or recommendations?  Beyond that, not remotely sure.  We are accepting suggestions, ideas, lists? Help!  Remaining calm -- to those reading that are on my list---ummmm, we've found the coolest thing for you and are excited to celebrate Christmas together. (Buying it???)

9. I think I need more sleep.  I have stayed up crafting or otherwise past my bedtime too much of late, but have a really hard time stopping doing things like that that I enjoy, particularly as Brent is up too (he is almost always up later than I am).  That said, considering cranky above probably do need to do some fun things AND get the sleep too....conundrum.

10. Book Update: B's new book obsession is Gingerbread Friends.  We read it almost every day so it might be an idea for the small people in your life.  We also read The Night Before Christmas  twice in a row yesterday at his request.  After the first time, I had to caucus with Brent a bit as the vocab is rife with words B does not hear or use normally so we tried to clear up some of that on the second reading, but not sure he's got it all.  I suspect we'll be reading it several more times. M, meanwhile, is now gravitating to Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? (and the similar books such as Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear? ), as well as Touch and Feel: Farm.

That is the wide ranging update from Casa Richards today.  Hope that you have a fabulous week and I will likely be blogging daily through Christmas to preserve my December Daily journaling--- consider yourself warned?


Debra Dotter Blakley said...

'Tis the season for business, flexibility, the sharing of joys and going with the flow and it sounds like you are very much in the spirit of the season. You are making your own traditions and memories, which is exactly as it should be. Love to all of you.

b said...

My granddaughter has a kitchen set from Pottery Barn Kids that she LOVES. She is always cooking up a great meal! And she makes great cookies! What I like best about eating Ava's home made food - is that there are NO calories!!!

Chrissie said...

My Dad just got Serenity this Playwonder wood kitchen set from Target: I picked it because it was a reasonable price, pretty, and it is not gigantic. It can easily fit in any room of the house without just taking over all the space. And it has an oven, refrigerator, laundry area, sink, stovetop, and a little chalkboard (the chalkboard doesn't work that well unless you push hard though) So it had everything we needed =)



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