Sunday, December 12, 2010

Day 11: Dance!

Saturday, I went with a few friends to see the Oklahoma City Ballet's production of The Nutcracker.   We began the evening with a delicious dinner at the Museum Cafe followed by a brisk walk through the chilly winter night, past the outdoor skating rink to the Civic Center for the production.  Tracie is our mistress of tickets and found us incredible seats, just four rows up in the center.  I had not been to the ballet since moving back to Oklahoma and this was a great re-introduction.  The music swirled through an auditorium decorated with swags of lighted greenery as experienced and novice dancers lit the stage.  My favorite part, as usual, was the dance of the sugar plum fairy.  Santa just might bring M a wand similar to that from the show as a souvenir.  My souvenir was receiving lovely Christmas tree ornament to commemorate the evening.  As an added bonus, we ran into the Sandifers at dinner and again at the show so got to share the experience with even more friends.  A few of us wound up the evening at Cuppies & Joe for a sweet nightcap. It was definitely a magical evening and I cannot wait to share productions like this with our kids when they are a bit older.

Crafter's Notes: The page will include a piece of the program, my ticket stub and the picture of Tracie, Sarah, and I in front of the massive Civic Center Christmas tree (here courtesy of Tracie's iPhone).   Ironically, it will likely be pretty similar to Ali's Day 11 as well!

I ended up ordering prints online and having them shipped rather than printing them locally due to a myriad of related issues so no final pages yet, but each day I print off the journaling and set up the background patterned paper and a little decor so I feel like I'm still pretty on top of the project.

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