Saturday, January 15, 2011

Birthday Week: Summer

Each June, the kids and I spend a week at the farm while Brent travels to a conference "back East" with his students. This time, featured stories with Grandpa and much splashing in the water. It was still a bit cool at times, but we have MANY pictures of B and M in this tub splashing happily away as well as lots of time being sprayed with the hose. B sought water all summer with several trips to Great-Granddaddy's pool and lots of playing in the sprinkler in our backyard. We even made a couple trips to the nearby sprinkle park and played with the Hopper slip 'n slide too!

One of B's classic summer adventures this year was riding what I think was his first carousel in Enid. It was the same little amusement park area I visited as a child and we had a great time. He chose to ride reddy donkey (he gave it that name) who did not actually move up and down. Maybe next year we'll upgrade to the big horses? It was a fun full summer with no MDO for B and lots more time with Mama. We wrapped up our summer with a family trip to STL full of food, family and fun.
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