Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Happy 20 Months Maggie!

I was starting to work on my Ten on Tuesday (which I will do in a bit) and realized that our Ladybug is 20 months old today! I haven't done a monthly post in awhile, but let's seize the moment.
What I hear myself and others saying so much is that she is really growing up. She is a miniature person now. She talks much more and does everything we do, no a smaller, noisier scale. She is a snuggly wonderful lady now and not a baby any longer. I love her beyond reason.

She plays more by herself and comes up with inventive ways to do so. She has long golden hair that we try to keep out of her face with bows and headband, but it is still a bit wild. I love it. She loves to listen to us reading books --- I think she would do this for hours if nothing else was going on. She still loves to sing and take care of her babies. Playing "Rosy" with whomever is interested has been her go-to game this month. She is far more interested in coloring, painting and craftiness than B was at this age (or is now).
She is full of adorable expressions and sayings. I love all the funny faces and am sad to see the worried/confused ones. Her face is so expressive. We haven't figured out all the looks yet, but we're working on it.
She remains a social butterfly, Mama's girl and so very curious. She drives her brother crazy and loves him dearly. She is a ball of energy. Today, I loved seeing her run to me when I opened the door to pick her up from Ms. Kim's. She is gentle with babies and great with hugs.

She is brave and completely willing to set out on her own. For example, this weekend, she was the first kid to feel ready and confident about taking a canoe ride (also the youngest of those involved). She also rode a pony for the first time this month and handled it pretty well.

She is bright, happy, confident and loving as well as truly adorable. She definitely tests her boundaries and our patience too, but that is quickly followed by one of the big cute grins that melt us. We love you ladybug and are so excited to see what adventures you will take us on!


Audra said...

She is so adorable, I love her so much. She has gotten so big and I feel like I have missed so much. Give her a big hug and a kiss from her Aunt Audra. Love you Maggie J!

Summer said...

I love all these pics. Great post. I wonder if it is a second child trait to be more outgoing - I find that C is so much more willing to try new things and basically scare me to death than K was or even is now.


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