Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

Let's be honest, I am sick, cranky, sleepy and not really feeling the blogging thing today (also, apparently we should add whiny).  Nonetheless, I shall "cowboy -up" and forge ahead because wallowing is so uncool... as I so often have to tell my kids (in slightly different terms.)

1.  Very excited to watch the OKC Thunder win on Sunday to make it to the next round of the playoffs.  As I type they lead the Mavs and the citizenry is excited!  (Nonetheless, I did find this  faux story slightly hilarious).

2.  We got to hang out with Zaney boy and his wonderful parents this weekend. I so so SO wish we got to be together more.  (Wait, that might be whining, apologies).  I love the whole crew and loved getting to see them as well as my Mom, Bro, Katie, and Anna.  Missed "my people" getting to join us, but life happens.

3.  The gathering this weekend was centered around the naming of the Pioneer High School Science Annex -- officially now the "Danny Blakley Science Annex." I missed the Friday ceremony with the students as I was at school, but hear it was pretty emotional.  I did make it for the graduation ceremony.  The ceremony itself went OK, but did tear up several times during the student speeches.  I LOVED getting to see Miss Amanda graduate! So cool!  I also liked re-living my own graduation 14 years ago and remain sure that I do not miss high school at all.  I saw many people that are wonderfully part of that community and even talked over with Shane our own graduation which was neat.

4.  B and I made Audra a doughnut cake for her birthday.  Zane did not seem to like the birthday singing (cue projectile vomit) but I think everyone else had a good time celebrating my awesome sis.  Go Audra!

5.  Monday afternoon after school M had a fever, which lead whimpering, vomiting and more fever. She only woke up once in the night for more tylenol.  She was better today, but still feverish every 4 hours.  No clue what we'll do tomorrow as I really do need to work tomorrow.....We did all nap today during nap time as I took a sick day and think I napped the longest and feel crummy. (Did I mention that already?)

6.  It was delightfully cool this weekend.  Amazing that it was late May.  Tried desperately to savor and enjoy as I know the heat is coming, soon.

7.  My garden is doing very nicely.  The plants are huge and a nice supplement to our dinner table.  We have some sort of greens every day, as well as herbs, radishes, broccoli and a few little onions.  So tasty.

8.    Today was puzzle day with B.  I think he would have liked something a bit more active but M and I weren't feeling it.  He was a good sport and we worked through most of the wooden puzzles. It is cool that we can now just take turn adding pieces and move right along.  Sadly, I'm not at all sure Aunt Audra got to puzzle with him this weekend.

9.  I got my cool Mom's Day Tea gifts from MDO.  They included a plaster casting of B's hand.  I was delighted as I never remember to make these and know I will want it later.  There was also a hysterical interview with B about his Mom -- tidbits included that I am 20 feet tall, 46 pounds, and 34 years old.  All of which are off, significantly.  There were some particularly adorable tidbits like saying I look the most pretty when I put on M's bows.  Yes, this is very much going in the scrapbook.  (Vaguely related, M brought home some rare crafts this week and is oh so proud of it.  She keeps showing it to us and saying "I did it" --- I love it).

10.  Kids favorite game of the week continues to be be blankets in the crib - This means that they wander around and gather every single blanket, pillow, pillow pet and most of the stuffed animals they can find and put them in M's crib.  Then they snuggle in and play hide and seek or whatever other game they can think of.  They will play this independently for quite some time and I quite enjoy it even though I do spy on them now and again.  I am so delighted about how they play together at this age.  Too cute!

Ok, so I feel a little better thanks to the happy thoughts.  Blogging for the win.  I still may go to sleep soon though. No promises. Have a happy healthy week!

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