Friday, June 10, 2011

Anniversary Memories

Yesterday was our 10th anniversary.  It was such a lovely thing and somehow feels "big" even though there was never any doubt that it would arrive.  I find that I don't feel so much like blogging about it as I do quiet sharing it with Brent and enjoying our time together.  I am so looking forward to celebrating with some of our friends and family on Saturday as you have all been such a big part of making this amazing marriage that we share.  

As we prepared for our anniversary fun, we asked some of our friends and families to share stories of our dating years, wedding and marriage.   We have gotten some wonderful ones and I wanted to share the first three of  them here.  I will post a few more a day in coming days,  as well as I think of other stories that need to be told.  Meanwhile, enjoy these snippets and thanks for all your love and support.  We feel very lucky and blessed to have an amazing marriage and a wonderful support community.

Memory Gifts: Part 1
I remember talking to Brent on 9/11. Dad and I had been trying to get a hold of either of Abbey that morning, but it took quite a while before Brent finally called the high school to tell us that she was fine and walking to Georgetown from down town DC. I remember I was frantically asking Brent if you were alright, where were you, and how things were going in D.C. In true Brent fashion, he calmly told me everything was fine, you were on your way to Georgetown, listening to the radios of homeless people and he was continuing on with his mice research. That is when I realized that Brent was the most laid back person I had ever met. The fact that he could see the smoke from the Pentagon and had to drive right past it on the way home didn't phase him at all. I knew that you weren't going to be that calm, but Dad and I both took great comfort in knowing that you had such a strong, calm person to go through such a terrifying situation.
The footnote to this story is that after Dad died and I was looking through one of his many bibles I found the note that Brandi Wise wrote and took to Dad in class that said "Abbey is ok." I know that note meant the world to him, because he of course was envisioning the worst that morning. 
~Audra Korenak

Early days: I remember getting ready for an APO dance at your house (Starry night, 2008) - lots of curly hair with the girls, and then pictures when the boys arrived. Plus a fun dinner and dancing. That was probably the first time I spent any time at all with Brent, and at the time I didn't know you all that well, either. 
Recent days: I love the way you and Brent share parenting duties - the little looks you give each other to communicate when something has gone slightly amiss (grumpy kids, a little roughness, etc). No words need to pass your lips, you both know the next step - I think it is a great show of the strength of your relationship as partners.
~Jennie Palfreyman

I remember the New Years Eve party where we went clubbing at Zanzibar on the Water Front night club.  It was a lavish buffet and open bar with champaign.  We got all dressed up and danced until maybe 1 a.m-ish and swiftly went home to sleep well into the new year.  Unfortunately, I don't recall the actual year!  But it was great fun.  I remember the club was so packed that the floor felt like it was lifting with every beat.  It also had open air seating outside so we could get a break from the music and the heat.
~Sara Bakker

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