Saturday, June 11, 2011

Memory Gifts (Part II)

I'm glad they didn't separate the college of arts and sciences (and I'm really grateful that something else didn't break up that same day).  Not sure if you remember it...

Brent talking about separating the school of arts and the school of science at OU:

Here is the next installment of the lovely memories from our friends.  I admit that I'd forgotten this story completely, which makes it all the more precious:

Brent:  I think we should break up...
(long pause as Abbey's heart drops)
Brent:  ... the college of arts and science.

So glad that breakup never happened :-)  I'm so happy for you guys.  We probably won't make the June event, but we hope everyone has a wonderful time.
~Brian Vo

A Mother's Tears 

    After the wedding was over, Brent and Abbey had headed off for their honeymoon, we had cleaned the entire Parish Hall and were packing up to go home, Jamie came in with some clothes in her hands. They were the clothes Abbey had worn into the church before she changed into her wedding dress.  Wait, go back.
     Let me say that the wedding was beautiful, simple, full of music and color, love and friendship. Abbey and Brent have a fantastic group of close friends who were so good to each other and took care of so many of the details of the pre-wedding days. Thanks to all of you. I loved it and was very happy that Abbey and Brent had found each other to love and share their futures with. There had been no tears, just smiles and hugs and beaming from the pews. But when Jamie handed me those clothes I was so tired and was missing Abb already and thinking about all the hard times that lay ahead for them that when I held them to my nose and smelled her scent on them, I burst into tears, all the emotion and worry that I had glossed over, came pouring out. Jamie took me in her arms and held me as I cried all over her shoulder. I think she was as surprised by my reaction as I was.  

A memory that I have from your wedding was Able and I standing on the altar with Brent and the other groomsmen, looking at the bowl that was supposed to have holy water in it and wondering if we could load it up with chips and salsa?  Good times had by all...
~ Scott Hopper

Happy Anniversary!! 10 years ago, I was hugely preggo with baby #2, but Jeremiah (17 months old) and I came to your wedding. We were in Oklahoma visiting, but Jason was still working in North Carolina. I remember you looking absolutely radiant; so calm and cool on a HOT oklahoma day. I loved the flowers, too. And Kristen Dotter playing with Jeremiah pretty much the whole time so I could visit and stay off my feet. See you all in July!
~Jennifer Dotter

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