Sunday, June 12, 2011

Memory Gifts (Part III)

More memories and more thanks to the contributors!

My favorite Brent story of all time was when Brent worked with monkeys. I know that this is probably Brent's least favorite time of his life, but it brought me all kinds of entertainment. I would constantly try to bring up in conversation that my brother in law got his PhD in Neuroscience from Georgetown and that he worked with monkeys. What a great conversation starter. This was made even better when I got word that one of the monkeys had bitten Brent and he then had to go on Valtrex, the herpes medicine. I am pretty sure I even sent him a card on this occasion. I know technically it would have been a horrible situation if Brent really had gotten herpes from a monkey, but I was confident this wasn't really happening so I went ahead and had a good time with it. 
~Audra Korenak
First Impressions  

The day I first saw Brent was Game Day at OU. I guess Danny hadn’t come to Norman with me that time because I sat over in the student section with Abbey, which Danny and I never did.  The day was very hot and I was sweating like a horse and uncomfortable. We were standing up all the time, which is what you do in the student section I came to find out. Over in the nonstudent section people sit down to watch the football game, unless something wonderful is happening.  
     After awhile Abbey nudged me and nodded to our left a bit saying, “That’s him. That’s Brent.” I turned to look and there he was and this is what I saw and thought.
He had that mustache/beard that was so popular then, had on a white t-shirt, was wearing his cap on backwards and had on shades. Sounds like normal Brent right? My first thought was,” Oh no, he’s a Thug. Abbey is dating a thug.”
     I realize that Brent is the absolute antithesis of a Thug but at that moment that is what I thought. Not long after that day Brent and Abbey came up to the farm for a visit and I realized the enormity of my mistaken first impression. I seem to have a habit of misjudging people right off the cuff and now I simply ignore that first impression and go on. 

I’ve been taking a journey down memory lane ever since you sent the request out.  It’s hard to pick just one memory, with half a life’s worth with you Abs, and well, not as many with you Brent, but you’re catching up.   There seems to be one recurring theme though, Home.    So many of my memories with you Abbey, include sitting around a kitchen table and gabbing.  Be it at the Farm with tamac and diet pepsi, at Crystal Lake recovering after a fun day in the sun, or in Edmond playing with the little ones.  I am so glad that you decided to move back to Oklahoma. It allows me to have a front row seat to your wonderful little family that you’ve created.  You and Brent have this magical way about your relationship and with the kids.  The home that you’ve created is loving, welcoming, safe, laughter-filled.  You truly have a beautiful partnership, and you balance each other out.  Congratulations on 10 wonderful years, and I know there will be plenty more.  Abbey I’m blessed to have you as one of “my people”.  I love you both.   
~Sarah Fiala

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