Monday, June 13, 2011

Memory Gifts (Part IV)

These are actually all from Audra, but I love them so maybe we'll just consider it a gust blogging post.  Audra sent us so many wonderful memories and I so appreciate all the time and love that took.  I love you sis!

Remember when I made hamburgers and Brent thought they were the greatest thing ever because I seasoned them.  It was a pretty impressive, I know.

I loved when Brendan was sick and refused to throw up anywhere but on Brent.  Brent tried desperately to get him to throw up in the toilet, a bucket, or on a towel, but when push came to shove, Brendan found Brent and threw up on him. That was a miserable day, one that probably pushed my having kids back a while, but still funny. 

Brendan's first birthday party is a great memory. We started the tradition of things having from the ceiling at his parties, and the tradition of multiple cakes. I was so glad I could come up and be a part of the festivities. Another highlight was Brendan throwing up all his chex mix right in front of the woman in a white cashmere suit. Fun times!!!
I remember when Abbey called mom to tell her you were pregnant with Brendan. I was at the farm and answered the phone. You asked to talk to mom in a super giddy voice, to which I said "are you pregnant" and you said "can I talk to Mom" so I knew you were. Of course I already knew it was going to be a boy, thanks to the old Indian trick! You officially found this out while we were on our honeymoon.

I remember the multiple phone calls during the birthing process of Brendan. I kept calling expecting there to be some sort of action happening and there just kept being no progress. I went to bed on the 18th thinking for sure you would have him over night. I called Brent early on the 19th, super excited to ask if we had a baby. In classic Brent style, he calmly said no. I proceeded to go to SEMO, expecting a phone call all day, and finally gave up and went to bed. I was awoken by Able's drunken celebratory call, followed by Mom's call with the vital statics. I was overjoyed that my Godson was FINALLY in the world! On his due date, of course!

Zach and I were in the Bahamas when Maggie was born, so it was quite a process to call back to the U.S. to hear if Maggie had joined us. Of course, at that point Maggie didn't have a name and actually when I called to talk to Mom she told me all the statics first, to which I said "do we have a name?" and mom said ummm, they are working on it. So we went to the beach and called back a few hours later, happy to find out that Miss Maggie Jewel had joined our family!!! I went to the little computer lab at the hotel multiple times a day checking the blogs and my email for new updates or new pictures!

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Audra said...

It was a pleasure to do and it is just a few of the many wonderful memories I have of your wonderful family. Happy 10th anniversary sis, I'm so happy for you guys.


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