Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1.  I have been having a hard week.  After last Tuesday's rant, more chaos ensued - mostly my health but other things too.  Today, I found this quote on Simple as That.  "Peace.. it does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work it means to be in the midst of all those things and still be calm in your heart ~author unknown"  and it was just exactly what I needed this week. I am going to seek peace even in the craziness and challenges I have just now.

2.  Today, I finally bought my kids a kiddie pool and slip 'n slide.  There are various reasons we haven't done this before (many o f which I remembered after we started setting it up).  Nonetheless, I think they enjoyed it and it kept us busy on day two of no Brent in the evening (this happens every June during IRSP for those new to June at my house).  They did have a great time so it worked out.

3.  Yesterday, our IRSP day 1 activity was going to Chik-fil-a.  Brent does not like Chik-fil-a and there is a new one near our house.  I was astonished to discover that the kids were thorougly enjoying their time more than an hour later.  The playground was apparently a great fit for them (No ball pit Audra, I promise).  Then some sort of altercation ensued, which M may or may not have instigated with an older boy who ended up crying piteously.  I'm relatively unsure what happened, but we left right away and came home for a solid 30 minutes of Lego block play.  Day 1 went really well and I think this might be in part because they are now playing more together and do some things for more than 2 minutes at a time.

4.  The anniversary party prep is coming along.  Brent and I are doing a couple little projects each night in an attempt not to be overwhelmed, but we shall see if that pans out. Tracie and I are going to Sam's tomorrow (with the kids if Brent isn't home....) I'm hoping she and I can get a few other things done as Brent and I are going out on Thursday -- our actual anniversary.

5.  B and I are doing surprisingly well with this no-school set up so far.  His camps start next week and cover much of the rest of the summer as I was a bit freaked out about him just playing video games all summer while I work, but that may have been unfounded.  We shall see, but I think he'll enjoy the camps too.

6.  B is in a delightful phase of late.  He is happy, talkative, helpful and so incredibly compliant lately.  Love it!  He is also doing a fabulous job helping with M and she is very receptive too it (surprisingly).  Nothing sweeter than watching him wrap her up in her towel this evening when she was ready to go in.

7. Maggie is starting to feel better, I think.  Still some drainage issues, but sleeping better and generally more happy.  She is very busy and talkative.  She is at the stage where she repeats all sorts of interesting phrases she hears and has much more lengthy sentences.  You'll probably have to take my word for it though as she doesn't usually talk that much until she's been around someone awhile (totally normal, I think).  She has this adorable little wiggle to her walk/manner that is just too cute.  Loving it.

8. B and I do continue to cough relentlessly and I cannot talk for prolonged periods of time without coughing. They swear it is allergies - I'm not sure, but we're trying lots of things.  In good news, my costocondritis is much improved.  Through all of this, you'll be glad to know that Brent has remained completely well.  It is amazing.

9. Congratulations to the Wainrights as they welcomed baby Donovan today (my earlier post is here).  Congratulations also to Don and Krista who welcomed twin girls this weekend and our friends Josh and Bari who welcomed their daughter Caitlyn a bit over a week ago.  As far as I know, my friend Sara, in DC, is the next up to welcome her little guy in July.  I am delighted by all the exciting news for all these wonderful families!

10.  It was 86 degrees here at 9:15 this morning.  If this continues it is going to be a very hot summer indeed. I have some fun kid ideas in mind, but we welcome any suggestions you may have or things that you or your kids may have enjoyed.  Thanks for following along and may peace be with you this week. 

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Nutmegger said...

Happy Anniversary Abbey and Brent!


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