Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. First up, my take on Elle's Studio's "Sketch Thursday" from last week.  I'm really enjoying this new feature of theirs, almost as much as their new line of tags.  I am, however, a little frustrated with all my ongoing issues with photgraphing layouts.  Trying lots of new things so we shall see what I learn.

2. As mentioned, a fair bit of playing with the camera and working on the lighting issues.  This one was blown out in the opposite direction, but an interesting effect.

3.  Richards family gym time continues into week 3.  B's favorite part is that one of the childcare workers drew him Darth Vader to color yesterday - very cool stuff.  Meanwhile,  I've added some jogging to my list of weekly exercise so this week was Zumba x3 plus run/walking x3.  Tomorrow, being the seventh day in the series, I will rest and let my various aches recooperate before beginning again. At the moment, the Tues/Thr family routine is working well, at least until B's soccer season starts in September. (Did I mention we're trying soccer?)

4. It is unrelentingly hot here all the time. Very little breeze just pounding heat.  The below seems like the best idea, but probably would involve being outside so again, possibly not even a cool enough option.

5.  Speaking of hot, yesterday, my car battery died while sitting at Sonic in the 102 degree weather with two small children.  Able and Brent rushed to our rescue and ended up having to replace my car battery, while the kids and I went home to cool off.  My heroes!

6.  I have been lucky enough to get to scrapbook at least a page a night for nearly a week.  It isn't happening tonight (see photography woes and my need to work some this evening).  The unfortunate result of not doing it today is that I'm still cranky at the end of the day.  Having gotten to go to Zumba with Mina did help some though:)

7.  B is in his last week of MDO camp this week.  It is "splish, splash" week, but too hot to go outside and splish, splash thus far so they are mostly making art about ocean life and eating goldfish crackers.  I think he's ready for a change and luckily we have a few weeks of variety ahead before the start of Pre-K!

8.  M has a tiny cold and is sad about it. Otherwise, she is loving her new Tinkerbell and princess PJs -- maybe too much as I had to hold her down and literally pry her out of her Cinderella pajama top this morning when it was time to get dressed.  She is quite stubborn, but also completely adorable.  I love our little conversations now.

9.  Speaking of which, my new favorite phrase is "snuggle me." She says this when she is tired or just waking up or that one weird time this week when she woke up crying in the night (see little girl cold issue above).  Seriously, how could you resist a request for "snuggle me?

10.  Here is this week's installment from my "Savor" soundtrack - Hourglass by Mindy Gledhill - all about little boys growing up too fast

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