Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ten on the Tenth

There is a group of bloggers that each month blog about ten things on the tenth of the month.  As I already do ten things every week, I tend to not join in.  That said, I've been wanting to do a list of some local treasures and as this month they are focusing on 10 things about where you life it seemed like a good fit.  Most of these are actually about local eating/shopping, but probably close enough:

1.  Best Pizza - The Wedge or Humble Pie - very different experiences, but both very tasty.  The Wedge has two locations in OKC and fabulous thin crust pizza in a great atmosphere.  My kids love the wedge bread and the pizza dough for playing with.  Humble Pie is on Broadway in Edmond.  I prefer their "NY Style" pizza - which is nothing like the pizza I've had in NY, but some of the most delicious bready crust ever.

2. Best Burgers - Cow Calf-Hay or Kaisers - Cow-Calf-Hay is a little side shopping area in Edmond and has a somewhat limited menu and folksy decore.  That said, their burger is so incredibly good even to my raised on a ranch tastes.  Plus, there are saddle booster seats and a cow that my kids love (Owned by the same people that own City Bites, I believe).  My Dad would have loved this place!   Kaisers is a historic mid-town location in OKC.  The locale, charm, etc are fabulous - plus there is a cool patio overlooking the traffic circle.  Their burger is very good and the menu has a lot of variety, including spiked milk shakes! 

3.  Best cupcakes - I've tested the "big" names in OKC metro and I think my favorite is Sara Sara cupcakes (Edmond Location).  I particularly liked the Sir Elton Jon (Cherry Cheesecake) option.  Cupcakes to Go Go is good, but overall we aren't buying cupcakes out much.

4.  Best Coffee Shop - My favorite is Bean Juice in Edmond, because the coffee is amazing - we are occasionally at Java Daves, Cuppies and Joes, or Starbucks also.

5.  Best Grocery Store -- Crest - Edmond location - as if there was any doubt.  I am such a fan of their bacon and their fried chicken, but overall have a great experience there.  For speciality foods, I love Forward Foods, both in OKC and Norman.  Their cheese selection is just such a find for life in Oklahoma.  I am drooling just thinking about it.

6.  Best Farmer's Market -- Admittedly, I've only been to maybe three in Oklahoma, but the Edmond Farmer's Market is my favorite. It is very small, but plenty of choice and very friendly vendors.

7.  Kids boutique - I've been to a few over the years, but my consistent favorite for special local things and M's favorite Kicky Pants clothes is Cinnamon Bears - not inexpensive, but so wonderful.

8. Family Favorite bites- you know, those places where you and your kids are both happy - Big Truck Tacos is currently B's favorite.  It is tasty and fairly cheap, with limited seating.  We all like it for a quick tasty bite. We also are repeat visitors to all the restaurants above.  "Fast" favorites include Sonic (always) and more recently Braums, which takes me back to my own childhood quite a bit.

9. Best Kids play space - Unpluggits still wins (even after yesterday's chaos), but we also really like hanging out at the OKC Zoo, Oklahoma Science Museum, Edmond Library, Quail Springs Barnes & Noble, and either Fink or Mitch parks in Edmond.

10. Favorite Hobby focused adventures -
  • Exercise: As you probably know we LOVE the OKC YMCA set-up and are at one location or another nearly every day.  They also have great kids sports and lessons.  We are most often at the Edmond Y, but also use the Trails and Northside Y.
  • Scrapbooking:  I love Paper Crown and the luxury of a local store with all the fancy stuff.  Best shared with a girl friend (or my lil' scrapbooking buddy B). 
What do you think? Have any OKC/Edmond favorite places/stores to share? Anyone have date night location tips as I think we're still in search of a favorite there although we've tried most of the "name" places. I'd love to hear what places/spaces/shops you love in the OKC Metro and hope you find one of these to be a new favorite too. 

Ps. If you want to see what OK Gazette Readers think are the "best" pics - you can find that here

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manda_hladik said...

I agree that Humble Pie has very good pizza. I went there on an outing during one of the last YAB meetings at St. Monica's, and I absolutely loved it!


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