Thursday, September 8, 2011

An Evening + An Ant Farm

I, sadly, have gotten my sister's cold and was feeling a bit blah this evening.  In looking back through the photos though it was a pretty cool evening.  First, B's ants for his ant farm arrived at very long last!  There was much rejoicing!  The ants have to chill a bit first to calm them down so he watched the time while they were in the fridge.  Then he helped add them in and watched them start exploring.  This was mixed in with some sister hugging and dinner, but lots of checking in on our new friends.

Then, my Studio Calico Kit arrived and everyone wanted to help unpack all that eye candy.  Turns out everyone was nearly as excited as I was to open each brown paper bag and reveal the treasure.  (B was not so excited when bag revealed just brown paper ("More Kraft").

I also spent some time resting as did MJ who has the sniffles too.  Every once in awhile she would come snuggle up with me under my blanket, before dashing off to bug her brother some more.

Sometimes a very normal Thursday turns into a fun evening despite itself and you just need all the pictures to prove it:

1 comment:

Audra said...

Sorry I left you guys with colds. Seems like someone is always sick when we get together. Sad face.
Hope you feel better soon.


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