Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Everett's Baptism

This weekend we were extremely blessed to be surrounded by friends and family to celebrate Everett's Baptism.  Jessie took lots of wonderful pictures for me so I've made a slide show to share.

The basics of the day:

Godparents: Zach Korenak, Heather Ignatius, and Chrissie Wainright
Place: St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, Edmond, OK
Party: Sundaes in the Park with friends and family

It was a bit difficult to understand the priest at times, but the event was still so sweet.  I love all the blessings for everyone and watching E and his Godparents interact.  They worked as a team and all radiated love for him and for our family.  As you can tell in the slides, B got a bit distracted and started wandering off and singing his own made up hymns from the hymnal by the mid-way point.  I really like that he's making up his own little songs now.  E and one other baby were hungry so they both were fed and no one really cried at all.  I did noticed in the family picture that right next to my mom there is a hole where my Dad should be and almost cried.  This ceremony always meant the most to him so I'm going to believe he is right there next to my Mom loving and proud of us.

The weekend overall was special and unique.  We got to share the Spice Store with more friends and family that seem to love it as much as we do.  We had big meals and did lots of kid watching and playing together.  My sister and her family were here, which is a special treat.  They took M for adventures with my Mom on Monday, which seemed a cooler experience than one missed day of Preschool.  I also loved watching Zach take B through his math homework. Why don't they live next door to me?

 My friend Heather flew in from DC and was the very first person from my east coast life to ever visit me.  We showed her a bit of our life, a bit of Oklahoma, and some tastes of our food traditions here as well as our family.  She was such an incredible helper, hard worker throughout, and my own true friend as always.  She definitely made the weekend much happier and easier for everyone.  She was amazing with our kids too, particularly E. They met early Saturday morning when she picked him up to feed him his morning bottle.  I kind of liked it that they got to meet just the two of them.

Another big milestone, and another wonderful set of memories crafted with family and friends at our sides.  Thanks to all of you, but particularly the Godparents and our own parents and siblings for all their help, love, and support now and always.

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Heather said...

Abbey, it was such an honor to be a part of your family's special day. I loved meeting Everett and getting to know him. He is the easiest baby I've ever met! I'm looking forward to watching him grow! lots of love, H.


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