Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

I'm going to speed through this as it is late and a crazy week.  Ready? Here goes:

1.  M's mini-dance recital was this evening.  It was short and I missed it, but there is some video for you here and here. (I'm going to try and spare you the mommy guilt about the event.) But look how beautiful she is!

2.  I had dinner with such a fascinating wonderful mix of friends this evening.  The group included four of us that went to law school together, my happy friend Candace who just moved from OK to MD, and E's Godmother and my true friend Heather who I became friends with initially in my Masters program a decade ago.  It was so fun.  The food was delicious and they all are full of fascinating life stories and things to share.  I'm so glad we do this whenever I come to town even as the precise group shifts around.

3.  Work is weird.  I am busy, but not as insanely busy as usual.  I did get lots of wonderful time with colleagues today.  It is so good to be back with my crew here.

4.  DC is gorgeous in the fall.  As I watched from the sky and later the cab ride along the Potomac I again marveled at the fall foliage and beautiful vistas.  Much of the route was my prior commute, but I appreciate more the sheer beauty of it as I see it so rarely.  I so wish I had some day light hours to run along the river or the national mall this trip.

5.  My colleagues and friends are fascinated about the Spice Store.  I "might" find my bro some long distance customers:)

6.  E had his Dr. Apt on Monday - he is 17lb 14 oz (88%), 23.75in (33%), and his head was at 63% -- can't recall the exact measurements.  Generally, he is a happy, healthy boy save for his small reflux issues which are greatly improved by the meds already.  I'm hoping he sleeps will for Daddy this week.

7.  Monday was my Mom's 60th Birthday.  Happy Birthday Mom!  I made her my first ever German Chocolate Cake and also Chicken Fried Steak, Mashed Potatoes, and biscuits, inspired by the dinner I made for Heather as a taste of Oklahoma.  It was a crazy evening, but wonderful too.

8.  I have made it through day 16 of my mile a day.  Yesterday was a close call, but I snuck in a night time walk with my brother around the neighborhood and am so glad I did.  Thank you bro-man.

9.  I'm going to the ballet on Saturday!  This is not ideal timing, but I really want to fit some ballet performances in this year even though their schedule and mine are not great fits.  If not now, when?

10.  Being gone is hard.  I miss my kids and family and feel like it is so hard for everyone else when I'm away.  Brent helpfully summed it up though as four weeks of extreme inconvenience for him and 48 weeks of extreme convenience for us all.  Totally worth it. I love that he is so supportive of this part of my life.  I also really truly enjoy my time here once I"m here.  It is the transition that is rough, but it always works out.  My colleagues are so wonderful and important to me. I am glad to be back with them again.  Aside from missing the dance recital, the toughest part of today was walking past a baby boy just E's size snuggling with his mom at baggage claim-- cue guilt/missing all over again.  The reality is that this is good for me and good for them and we are all very blessed in different ways by my current path.  I suspect it is actually pretty wonderful that Grandma and Brent get this focused time with them and Grammie, Granddaddy and Uncle Able too when the timing works.  Hooray for good jobs, good friends, and amazing families!

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