Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1.  Did you see the piece about the Spice Shop in the Oklahoma? Or on Fox 25? Or hear him on the radio (KMGL 104.1) - Big Media week and a successful weekend.  B and I helped out at the store for two hours after close and it was great fun--- even if I was sore the next day.  Oh, and they are having an open house on Thursday from 4-7.  I hear there will be ice cream!

2. I have community service on the mind again so here are two projects that might be of interest:

  • Fill the Shelves - an initiative to put books in the shelves of some schools in need.
  • Pillow Case Project - making pillowcases for kids in children's homes or others in need via similar family charities. 
3. If you are interested in seeing the Kellogg's Tour of Gymnastic Champions in OKC Thursday evening check out this article to get 1/2 price tickets. 

4.  M quotes from the last few days:
  • "The kick to my leg was tremendous!" (she is fine - noted after one of her TWO soccer games on Saturday.
  • While peering into water meter hole: "There is a huge storm cloud in there an it is super tremendous! A tornado too!" 
5.  Our kids are doing a lot of playing with the neighborhood kids of late and it is so awesome.  There are two different sets of kids, but F&P are the favorites.  I am so delighted that we've finally become part of this bit of suburbia.

6. Thursday includes - School picture day, my volunteer hour at the book fair, parent teacher conferences (which means grandparent baby sitting for kids 2 & 3), the Savory open house, and the gymnastics tour mentioned above... plus, you know, work and my daily mile.... luckily Brent gets off work early that day!

7.  B sustained two different injuries on Friday last week, but seems to be recovered.  He adored helping in the spice shop Saturday night after closing and suddenly actually enjoys playing soccer.  There have been a few not so great moments in the last week too, but the good ones are quite promising.  He has taking to harassing his sister more, which I suppose was inevitable, but drives me nuts. We're working on it... Tomorrow, he gets to eat lunch with Grammie and Granddaddy at school and he is so excited!
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8. E - E is teething.  More literally, I "think" a teeny bit of one tooth is actually breaking through which seems impossibly early.  Also, all that nonsense about sleep last week, yeah, that's over.  We're back to once a night and now unpredictable times.  Apparently his Godmother Heather was just a magic baby sleep fairy as since her departure we've been back sliding.  We had a bit more fussiness in the evenings this week, but still mostly super smiles and giggles. He also seems to be working hard on rolling over with lots of twisting his body around.  He sometimes has spun in a circle in his crib to a different orientation than he was originally as well.  It appears that the blissfully immobile phase is winding down.  All in all, he is a very cheerful wonderful baby that coasts along amid all the other things we do so happily.  He continually amazes me and melts me into a puddle.

9.  Brent had his furlough day on Monday.  It was full of those things we "should" have done Saturday if we weren't spending the day at the soccer field.  As annoying as furloughs are it is good to get some of those things like oil changes and recycling out of the way without the kids here.  It was also quite nice to have someone else do the drop off/pick up route for me!

10.  My work is crazy busy.  I think if you look at this week every year it says the same, but its true.  I'm feeling more calm about it than usual, but probably just because I haven't had as much time to get agitated   I've started working more at night, but keep telling myself it is for just a few more weeks.  The saddest part is that I'll miss M's first tiny dance recital while I'm in DC so Brent or one of her Grandparents is going to have to video it for me.  I think it will be her last time at this class as well as we'll likely switch her to an actual dance studio in November (when Soccer and the current dance/gym class are both over!).  No crafting for me in the last three days, but I need to sneak some in soon if I'm to remain chill about all of these things in our crazy busy weeks!

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