Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1. I'm back!  If not quite better than ever as I came home completely exhausted and with early phases of a cold.  Brent was more tired still, but I think we're both almost pulled back together again.

2.  The mile-a-day project continues.  Luckily, my hotel in DC was about 3/4 of a mile from my office so getting my miles done there ended up being no problem at all.  Last night, I did have to run after dark, but only lapped our well lighted block and told Brent right where I was, etc... I did discover that three laps is just shy of two miles, which worked well.


M has a renewed interest in holding E.  It is cute, but he is, increasingly pretty big for her so the holding periods are short.  He does, however, think she is hilarious and spends a lot of time laughing or smiling at her for no apparent reason.  This makes us all very happy.  He is increasingly chatting and tracks people as they move across the room.  Still a mixed back on the reflux, cold, and sleep issues, but we're doing our best to figure all that out. 


One fun thing about being away is discovering the pictures on my camera when I return.  I encourage people to use it while I'm away and my mom is the best at this as she always leaves me a little secret stash of beautiful images.  Thanks, Mom!  (ps- isn't she beautiful and isn't the wind crazy here?)

4.  As you'll see in posts later this week, the crew had lots of fun while I was away and are currently very much in costume mode.  We even, finally, settled on Halloween costumes, but I'll save the big reveal for next week.  In the meantime, here's M being super girl (not her Halloween costume) and having lots of fun with Granddaddy.  Aren't costumes fun?

5.  These guys make me smile.  It has been years, but I'll never get over watching my husband with our babies.  He rocks and powered through my first trip away amazingly well considering he had to handle a lot more logistics than usual and do all the getting up with E.  I'm so glad my Mom and in-laws are here to help us with all this too.  My Mom mastered my complicated drop-off and pick-up schedule, even though she deemed it crazy.  Sort of glad to know I'm not the only one who thinks it is nuts. 

6. I did mention I am loving the costumes, right? I am such a fan.  We have great intentions of buying some on clearance next week too as I'm fairly sure we can't have too many.  (Note, my husband may be less sure about this). Perhaps I should try to be more creative about making them from stuff we have, but just now time for such creativity is fairly limited 
7.  Soccer season is starting to wind down, but thankfully B is still loving it.  That first picture just screams soccer player to me.  The later is his first attempt at being a goalie.  He had quite the wide stance and fierce look, but was a bit less clear on the other specifics of the position.  Goalies don't really exist in his age group, so they are largely just working on defense with a bit more time spent near the goal. 

8. M's soccer team continues to be ridiculous.  There are usually only 5 kids at the game so most of them have to play the whole time.  She appears to be over it as she mostly wanders around, pulls up grass, practices her dance movements, and is not too interested in the action or, you know, kicking the ball.  We are definitely NOT doing 3 yo soccer again in the spring.  The new dance class starts Nov. 1 and will be the activity for awhile now.

9.  As you know, I'm a fan of marching bands and have to share these cool videos of the OU and OSU marching bands (hint- not the OU and OSU you are thinking of)

10.  Happy Birthday wishes to the very special October birthdays all around us of late.  They include my Mom, Brother, Grandpa, Brent's Granddaddy, Tracie, Jessie, Tom, and Will, among others. 

I hope you all have a wonderful week.  I have lots more stories and photos coming your way!
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