Wednesday, December 12, 2012

DD10 & DD11 + Bonus Entries!

After determining that this picture of M and her ornament needed to be in the book, I added some bonus entries.

The right hand page is loosely based on the Journal Your Christmas "Indulgence" prompt. Every year, I have this tug of war with myself over M's Christmas clothes.  On the one hand, it seems silly to buy a big fancy dress she can only wear a few times and on the other, oh my goodness, I love them.  This was the first year she picked out her own dress.  We have been looking at them off and on and not buying any (see above too expensive and silly rationale).  This lovely purple dress was the one she kept picking, but it really wasn't my vision as I am always thinking red, silver, or gold.  Finally, one day I bought it while she was at school and it was on sale.  I'm so glad I did.  Fancy dresses are magical.  She transformed as soon as she put it on.  Her carriage lifted, she suddenly had ballet arms, and was walking gracefully and dancing around the house.  She was beautiful and fully enjoying it.  Which again convinces me that a fancy dress now and then isn't silly, but very important, and that bit about too expensive? I ended up paying $15 for this which seems incredibly cheap for the memories we'll make.  She is quite pleased she'll be wearing the same color as the Sugar Plum Fairy at the ballet on Saturday!

(Crafting Note - Yes, more stickles on Wood Veneer - it turns out I almost exclusively own stickles in Christmas colors and adore wood veneer.  The printable is another Ali Edwards set of December Favorites). 

I also added a bonus entry about M's favorite "Red Wagon" Ornament that she has carefully selected and loved for this year.  it is on the back of our Christmas card and as the picture is not horizontal I worked out another system of lifting it to read the full text about her selection and how well her bright, big, glittery candy cane suits her style. 

(Crafting Note - the Stamp is from the Dec. SC kit and embossed using gold and gold glitter embossing powder.  The wood veneer here and in the below are from Freckled Fawn and very fun.  The other embellishing is from MME and October Afternoon's Christmas collections). 

The left page is the normal photo + journaling.  The right page is the current state of the kids' wishlists.  Some, clearly, have had a lot more work than others.  I hope eventually to get the first draft of B's off his door as it is much prettier and more complete, but I'm making do with this copy he made me in the interim. 

The primary post for DD11 was about the Portable North Pole Santa Videos for each kid.  They both enjoyed them, although M was more fascinated than B, and has now watched hers three times.  B began to notice some similarities among the videos and asking questions about that. He was relieved that I had finally emailed his list in as requested, but as you saw in today's 12 on the 12th post, he is taking no chances and posting his list on his door as well with directions to Santa above the fire place explaining where to find it. 

These are the front and back of the wish list page.  I'm not sure what I'll put on the back side, but it may just be more decorations or an extra picture from Day 12. 

Last, but not least DD10: This was a nice and easy day concluding with family Christmas Movie Eve.  After dinner, I surprised everyone with brand new PJs.  M got Santa ones that she has asked for every single trip to Target for at least a month.  B, of course, got Angry Bird Star Wars PJs.  Brent was quite surprised to get Angry Birds Space PJ pants.  E is rocking an elf suit from cousin Zane (we have a no buying him clothes policy as Zane sent WAY more than we could ever wear).  I, sadly, did not get myself any as I ran out of time, but joined in with Christmas PJs from the past.  We immediately changed and watched A Charlie Brown Christmas and the sequel, which is not nearly as good.  Then everyone headed to bed.  They both were still excited and thanking me as they went, which was awesome.
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Katie said...

Her dress is beautiful! I always loved getting a new Christmas dress!


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