Wednesday, January 16, 2013

B's Birthday Week Photos

I just realized that it is the week of B's birthday and not a murmur of memories or recaps has been done here.  To get us started, here is our annual photo per month review!

January 2012 - Mario & Luigi Birthday party
February 2012 - the great tooth-loss adventure begins
March 2012 - traditional wheat picture, courtesy of Aunt Audra

April 2012 - learning to ride his new bike!

May 2012 - The last day of Pre-K, so grown up looking here

June 2012 - Playing at the Splashpad, near the Myriad Gardens in OKC

July 2012 - A glimpse of his gamer tendencies complete with Daddy's headphones

August 2012 - First day of Kindergarten!

 September 2012 - Fairy Ball, Paseo, OKC
October 2012 - Having lots of fun with little sister, as usual.

 November 2012 - Community Feast at AD with Mom
December 2012 - topping the Christmas tree with a little help from Dad.
January 2012 - with gifts from Christmas and Birthday money from Great-Granddaddy and highlighting the Skylanders obsession. 

In addition to his monthly photos we had three professional photo shoots with Heather Warren this year and here is one photo from each: 
 March 2012 - Showing off his smile and missing teeth!
June 2012 - Big Brother & Little Brother

September 2012 - The whole crew being ourselves. 

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Debra Dotter Blakley said...

What a gorgeous happy boy (most of the time). In some ways it makes me sad to see him so completely out of his baby days, but I know every phase of his life will have its good and its bad parts. He is such a blessing and a joy to be around. (I just wish I understood how to play skylanders better...but I know that is his and daddy's thing, not grandma's.)


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