Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

1.  I got to meet Eli & Finn this evening! (Aka Will and Kela's twin boys).  They are one month old and completely adorable, but I think maybe need to work on being nicer to their mama tomorrow than they were today.  I brought them dinner and stayed briefly to hear some stories and say high before leaving them to get some rest.  SO amazing to see friends as parents for the first time.

2.  Snack tip: My kids and I are big fans lately of roasted garbanzo beans - aka chickpeas.  First, I suggest the Goya brand as we've tried several and it turns out there is a difference.  We are going to try cooking some from dried beans soon and will let you know how that is.  For now, our favorite is: 1 can Goya Chickpeas, 1 tsp Salt, 1 T. Olive Oil, 1 tsp ground cumin, and 1/8 tsp lemon pepper.  Mix well and pour onto a cookie sheet with an edge.  Bake at 425 for roughly 30 minutes.  Taste and see if they are crunchy, if not, leave in for a few more minutes and check again.  I found that the generic brands seem to cook more quickly than 30 minutes and Goya a bit longer, but more deliciously.  Delicious protein snacking!

3.  No-Knead Bread - Ok, so this was a thing in the NYT in maybe 2006. I am right on the cutting edge as usual.  That said, I've made it two days in a row and it rocks. The time I actually have to work on it is about 6 minutes total.  That said, it does a lot of resting and requires some planning.  It is crusty, delicious, and we love it.  I think I'll try this faster whole grain version from 2008 very soon or who knows, maybe wait a few more years.

4.  I think I mentioned yesterday that E is eating a lot.  Well, today, he ate pretty much non-stop all day.  He started by drinking 14 ounces of formula between 4 and 5:30 am.  That is nuts -- he normally has 6 ounces every 3 hours.... for context. Ms. Kia and I both gave him solid food and bottles back to back pretty much all day.  Here's hoping he sleeps well.  The whole day definitely has me worried about having two teenage boys in ten years or so.

5. B had a bit of a rough day as when he was playing with his friend F one of his Skylander's arms was broken off, which lead to some spiraling downward.  In good news, he has no less than four different birthday things planned over the course of about 10 days starting on Friday.  Here's hoping we manage to pull all of these things off.  He is also quite partial to the new TV and enjoying a lot of Sonic Underground on Netflix with his sister.

6.  M continues to be herself.  She rotates between wildly helpful and not listening.  She adores the huge box the new microwave came in and has built herself a veritable nest with pillows, blankets, and stuffed animals inside.  Today, she and I practiced drawing maps (her idea) and of course there were impromptu dance recitals that needed taping. She loves playing with F's sister P, but I think P is starting to mostly like coming over to use our iPad...

7.  Our living room now has almost none of the furniture it had four months ago.  It is weird and we may have to figure out some new storage choices and rearrange some more before it is "right" but it is nice to have some pieces better suited to our new larger family and some modern day technology.

8.  My Training Plan is going very well. I think today is day 10 and I'm very happy with it so far.  I have been doing mostly Pilates or Ballet strength DVDs for my cross training and think that possibly my wretched core muscles are starting to remember what they are supposed to be doing, which is lovely.  I need to focus more on the nutrition, but some progress is being made.

9. It is cold, and that is no fun.  Our neighbor and I are now setting up play dates by text message rather than hoping kids appear outside.  M had lovely new coats courtesy of my friend Emily and her daughter C. If only I could convince her to wear it forwards a bit more of the time.

10.  This week there are so many things I "should" be doing each night, but very few of them are getting done. I foresee one of my end of the week pre-party crazy periods coming if I don't focus a bit more on making these decorations.  For the first time ever my sister will miss B's party so who knows what it will look like.  B and I have some banner ideas, but I really should probably head to the party store and come up with a plan.  You see, I thought I had until the 27th, but we've added another few events to the lists so I may need to decorate much sooner.  I'm such a sucker for this little guy and he is so very sweet and much more engaged in his party ideas and planning than ever.  I think I might just love age six as the previews so far are awesome. 

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