Monday, January 14, 2013

E @ 7 months!

We began E's 7th Month with a photo shoot with Heather on 12/12/12 when he was officially six months old. 

Here with Mr. Bear per our monthly photo project.

Here in a very cute hat Uncle Able gave B when he was little and a suitcase from my Mom's Uncle. 

Brothers are lovely - here is B feeding E -- in one of the happier feeding moments of the month.   At the start of the month I would have said he is an amazing eater.  Most of the month that wasn't true as he was usually sick in one way or another.  He did start eating pieces of puff cereals and is finally starting to gradually re-add foods again, but meal time was a bit of a challenge this month. 

This one is out of order - but it is E by the Christmas tree on Ephiphanie (Jan 6) - the last day of Christmas. 

A lot of E's month wasn't so happy, but by the end of the month he was finally better. He had a miserable cold that went on for almost three weeks. It included a double ear infection and cough much like at Thanksgiving.  We're now saying he has holiday induced sicknesses, which makes some strange sense, but is still sad.  He then followed that up a few days later with a recurrence of acid reflux that was just tremendously yucky.  We finally got his medications adjusted and then he realized he'd eaten almost nothing for a week and was starving.  I think he's finally back to normal now.
This was E's first Christmas gift from one of his Godmother's.  It also sort of marked the beginning of his actual interest in toys.  His favorites are: Jacques the Peacock, Captain Calamari, Sophie, this set of three soft, black and white dimensional shapes (sphere, cube, etc), and, Potsy--- although M left most of the things Potsy cooks at Grammie's house so we just have the broccoli for now... sisters. 

(the bird at the bottom is Jacques the Peacock, mentioned above)
This is E with his Christmas gifts at the farm.  Hats and rattles/chewtoys were very popular and in constant rotation.
With some help from Daddy and Uncle Able he made his footprint paving stone for Grandma's garden.  Uncle Able is the best at this somehow.  Their hair is fairly close in color here, interestingly.  

Everyone needs fun hats!  Here E was wrapping up or first group service project, that he largely observed.  Trying to get a decent picture of all three together is pretty tricky.

He has spent a lot of time this month in the above two poses and inching backwards.  I suspect forward motion will be coming soon. 

Here we have more fun hats and lots more fun playing with his cousins, John and Matthew.  

E did well at his first Christmas Mass, particularly considering he felt about as miserable as he looks in this picture.  He was a trooper through all the hullabaloo that is Christmas, but I so wish he (and I) had felt better. 

Double-fisting teethers -- because he is oh so serious about having something to gnaw on at all times, but no new teeth this month (at least I think so--- did I mention he has a second tooth last month?)  Both giraffes were part of his Christmas presents. 

He also got this adorable toy piano from Santa and loves it, as you can see.  He "practices" a bit everyday. It's so fun. 

Here he is after his second playdate with his buddy Isaac and my friend Mary. Isaac is a bit older and full of cool tricks that E immediately set to work trying to learn.
And here are the 1/12/13 pictures to celebrate turning 7 months old (yes, we took these at about 7:45pm...).  Oddly, in just the last day or so it seems E might be reconsidering this whole not using a paci or sucking his thumb bit as more and more we catch him with his thumb in his mouth.  It is usually just for a few seconds and he doesn't appear to actually be sucking on it, just holding it there.  
This month he was occasionally a great sleeper making it pretty much all night, but as soon as he would get sick again we'd go back to two times a night or more of excitement with him.  I'm hoping that he will maybe stay well a bit more this month and we'll all get to sleep a bit more too.   Here's to a much more peaceful month full of wonderful times with a happy, healthy baby boy!

That was A LOT Of pictures right, but if you want to see one more, there is this one from Heather, which is so funny to me and very popular with our facebook friends.  

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