Sunday, February 17, 2013

Know that you are loved.

Valentine's Day was a swirl of activities surrounded around our kids.  Per tradition, I set up a trail of hearts to their Valentine's Day treats.  Each heart has the name of someone that loves them on it.  We add hearts every year.  This is increasingly wonderful as the kids can read and understand who the people are.  M had me read almost every one to her.  B was delighted to find the names of his new Kindergarten friends and E, well, E likes eating the hearts.

Our theme for or kids' for Valentine's, as with every day, is "Know that you are loved."  We endeavor to make sure that our kids now that they are special to us, that they are surrounded in people that love and will support them no matter what.  This should not be confused with "I am special and deserve special treatment." Rather, it is you are important to me.  You are valued.  You are loved, trusted, respected, adored, believed in, not only by us, your parents, but by a community of God, family, friends, godparents, coworkers, and friends of our family and extended family.  Thanks to all of you for being part of that circle of love and for helping us instill this sense belonging, love, acceptance, and joy in our children and celebrating them for who they are.

We also celebrate loving our friends.  We, as with most families, make valentine's for everyone int he bigs' classes as well as teachers, and family members.

Brent and I make sure to take extra time to "be there." So they know that they are important and that we take time for them and these moments even when it isn't easy or convenient.  For example, Brent drove about 20 minutes each way to be at doughnuts with Dads at MDO, which probably lasted 10 minutes or so, but M was SO thrilled that he was there. I went to B's Valentine's festival. I was so glad I could be there, and sad talking to kids' whose Moms had never been to the school or said they would come and didn't.  I understand and fully appreciate how hard it is for full-time working parents to have those precious minutes, as there have been and will be times when I do not get them. I feel so blessed right now that I get the luxury of a less than full-time job while still being able to take care of our family's needs and have those moments.

We haven't quite found time for our grown up Valentine's date, at least not out of the house, but one more week of Downtown Dating may be our solution instead this year as Brent was working the night of Valentine's and schedules are a bit crazy right now.

I hope you enjoy the slideshow and know that you are loved by us and so many others!

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Debra Dotter Blakley said...

I am so happy that you guys have such a large 'family' of family and friends, all of whom love each other and genuinely care about each other. Blessings galore.


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