Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Ten on Tuesday!

1.  A HUGE welcome to baby Rowan Danny Korenak!  He arrived safely on February 21, 2013 at 8:47am - 8lb 4oz, and 21 inches long--- just the same size as B as a baby!  He is, I hear, happy, healthy, and so far looks like his big brothers twin.  You can read much more here.  We are all VERY excited!
1.  Meanwhile, we are enjoying our own happy baby.  He (and we) is delighted to report that both of his top teeth have now broken through (right on the 21st and left on the 24th).  He, extremely randomly, slept 13 hours last night. He has slept you know 10-11 hours a few times a week for awhile now, but 13 is unheard of, and weird, but we're fine with it:)  He got weighed (fully clothed) while I was at the doctor on Friday and was up to 24 lbs!! (crazy) I hear he is only taking one 1.5 hour nap at child care and seems to sleep better when he adds in another 30-45 minute (or longer) nap in the late afternoon.  I'm glad he's getting the rest he needs, but kind of miss the awake time with him in the afternoons.  He did exceptionally well on our recent trip to Dallas, other than needing to be able to see me at all times.  This is just part of his recent separation anxiety that happens everywhere as he very much NEEDS to have a parent in sight if at all possible.  Normal, but a bit frustrating.  We shipped off nearly all the 9 month and smaller clothes to baby Rowan so now we're mostly in 12 or 18 month outfits, already!  He adores chewing on his socks and we really must get a few more that actually fit or stay on for at least a few minutes.  

3.  This is a picture from Friday's run.  It was very much an exercise in trying to beat the darkness as I realized, belatedly, that the route I chose had no streetlights.... right... Anyway, the sunset was lovely and I got to have another longer run on Sunday.  It appears that I should be able to run the 5K at my goal time assuming all continues to go well.  I'm averaging 3 runs a week, 5 ab days, and 2-3 other cross training days.  Sadly, no weight loss to report last week.  I suspect the birthday and road trip food did not help.  I'm working on it though for this week, which contains my birthday, as I would like to see some change:)

4.  Our Kiwi Crate crafts this month include these adorable pets.  The kids had a great time making them and started in on some of the other supplemental activities.  We still need to build the pet playground, so some coloring, and a few other expansion ideas.  This was perfect for a snowy afternoon last week. 

5.  Can you see E's new baby blanket? The lighting is a bit dark, but it is very colorful and extremely soft on the back side.  He has been sleeping with it a lot this week and it is just the right size for our snuggly 8 month old!
6.  M did really well on the road trip save for a bit of a, "hiccup" with bedtime.  (Have I mentioned that Brent was not along for this voyage so I was on my own?)  Anyway, she struggles a bit to keep her videos going in the car and requires quite a bit of older brother tech support. She had a wonderful time at the party, and only seemed hesitant for a moment when the magician's book was on fire. She adored playing with her cousins, most of all. Back at home, she continues to dance all of the time, help me with my situps, and enjoy the iPad.  This week welcomed the return of her Wii Game "Just Dance for Kids" into frequent rotation.  She is, it seems, growing as there is more midriff peeking out and several pairs of pants that were banished for being too short.  

7.  B had a mixed bag of a week.  You know I mentioned his stomach was doing better? That didn't pan out.  He stayed home sick on a liquid diet on Wednesday, was on the BRAT diet for Thursday (snow day), and returned hungrily to regular food on Friday and seems to be fine now.  He remains an exceptional helper during our trip and beyond.  He had a headache at the start of the party and was a bit hesitant, but loved the "missions" and got into the swing of the fun (above complete with special spy glasses, magic wand, and spy training credentials). Back home, I am told he is learning about Antarctica now, after finishing up last week learning about George Washington. 

 8.  It is probably far past time I explained about the party.  It was our nephew John's 5th birthday and had a spy/magic theme.  Above, the kids are getting ready for pizza and being silly, below, they are all lined up with their wands, mustaches, glasses, and credentials. There were three missions - one about letters, one climbing safely through  "lasers," and one shooting nerf guns at flashing lighted white balloons dressed up as "Dr. NoNo" the villian.  There was also a 45 minute magician show, impressive decorations transforming the house into a spy headquarters, and delicious treats. (Not to mention more than 20 kids!)  It was all delightfully fun and I'm glad we could road trip down with Grammie and Granddaddy to enjoy the day as well as John's soccer game. (I do wish Brent could have come, but sometimes work just gets in the way for all of us).

9. Cousin fun!  The next morning, we left fairly early, but did have time for John to open a few presents on his actual birthday, to have cake to celebrate Grammie's upcoming 60th birthday, and to play just a bit more before packing up and driving back to OK.  (I admit, I took a nap upon our arrival and then ran.  It is kind of nice to be back by lunch!)

10.  As mentioned, we have four nephews - Zane & Rowan and John & Matthew.  Matthew probably gets the least pictures here on the blog as he is a bit shy still and we just don't get to see the Joneses that often.  That said, he is so sweet, kind, and loving.  I can't wait to hear what he has to say when he gets a bit braver about talking to us.  I think this picture is awesome--- and taken by B! Hooray for awesome little boys all around as now I, my sister, my sister-in-law, and Brent's closest cousin are all moms to two boys (Plus one girl each for the cousin and I).  These next years are going to be so much fun and maybe just a bit chaotic!

Lots of love and hugs from OK!

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Jamie said...

I too love that picture of Matthew, I had no idea it was taken my B. Makes it even more special.

I can not thank you enough for coming down. In John's eye's it would not have been the same without B and M, and one day E will be included in that too! :)

We did desperately miss Uncle Brent and I just know he would have made a great secret agent with all of those kids.

It means the world to him and all of us that you were here!


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