Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

1.  Today, I had lunch with B.  This is part of our monthly lunch series during the school year.  The lucky duck also usually gets to have lunch with a Grandparent or Daddy sometime during the month too.  This month has featured Daddy & Ms. Sheetz already so quite the month! He seems to be doing well and Ms. Sheetz was very complimentary of him when I ran into her today.  His coat is still MIA, even after I dug through the lost and found a bit, so I guess we'll hope it really warms up this time!

2.  M has turned over a new, incredibly helpful, leaf.  I so hope this stays as we both have so much more fun when not fighting each other at every turn. She is a big fan of our gardening projects lately too.  Her attention span isn't too terribly long, but she seems to have a growing sense of ownership in the plants she chose (and has gone so far as renaming "purple baby" to "lavender") and is a diligent waterer (so far).  She was also quite good at "checking on" the baby chicks during our recent chick baby sitting week.

3.  E continues to love to try and eat dirt so we're scheduling gardening during his naps when possible.  He did get to eat some leaves off of the basil and chocolate mint plants while we were shopping at TLC and loved that.  Problem being that he rather likes to try all sorts of leaves now.  Luckily, the leaves that are actually up in the vegetable garden are quite edible, although that probably won't always be true.

4.  B has this off again, on again friend L.  L is sort of a problem in the classroom, but has now decided B is his best friend and called FOUR times tonight.  He wants B to come over for a sleepover, which is definitely not happening, but trying to explain that and figure out some acceptable alternative is kind of a stressful new world in parenting. Up until this we've always at least met the parents and known the kids were "good kids." Here, sheesh... I'm sure we'll sort it out.  Conversely, he had a lovely playdate with his friend J on Saturday that I didn't worry about at all --- J is extremely quiet and well-behaved, they have been to each other's birthday parties and we've met his mom at least 1/2 a dozen times.  It makes a difference.

5.  I'm participating in the Memorial 5K on Sunday to "Run to Remember." I will, of course, be rocking the red knee high socks to remember Boston as well.  What I'm "not" excited about is leaving my house at 5am for this privilege.  I keep reminding myself that I'm lucky that I'm able to run and run this race for those that cannot.  Thankfully, Able and Kari are getting up crazy early to take Tracie and I to the start so we don't have to find parking.  Amazingly, the whole thing and breakfast may be over before my household is fully awake!

6.  This weekend Tracie, Nikki, Able, Kari, Kira, and I had a fancy dinner and night out to see the full production of Swan Lake by the OKC ballet.  The ballet was incredibly beautiful and well done.  I loved it and loved sharing it with friends as well.  Today, we found a version for kids on Netflix called Prima Princessa's Swan Lake, I believe.  It is much shorter, narrated,  and flips back and forth between the ballet, and short lessons about ballet moves complete with visuals of kids of various ages, animals, and even toast executing them.  It was very well done. (Oh, and the Paris Opera Ballet "might" be slightly larger and better at dancing this ballet than OKC---wow!)  Anywya, a very swan lake week.

7.   We've also been doing lots of gardening. On Saturday, Brent was at OSSM interview day for maybe six hours.  The kids and I did lots of cleaning up the house and braved TLC for lots of plants and other supplies.  Our big purchase was a miniature rose bush for the front bed, but we also purchased vegetables and herbs for the raised bed, some flowers, and a bunch of succulents for that pot on our porch that never seems to get watered.  Sometime this spring I seem to have accepted that we're going to be living here awhile long so the gardens are expanding again!  In a rebellious move, I'm letting my kids plant ridiculous and possibly invasive things right into the yard, not in a bed at all. (Think mint, sunflowers, etc...)  I think that after putting all sorts of "nice" shrubs into the nearly hopeless Oklahoma clay I'm just hoping something grows out there.  (Yes, of course, I'm constantly amending my soil, but it is basically just red clay...

8.  The weather is nuts.  We had love weather on Monday featuring grilling outside, followed by a high of maybe 42 today, featuring an amazing beef stew. (I may even post a recipe.  So good).  The kids are extremely confused about what to wear to school every day.

9.  You remember soccer? It was such a huge portion of our weeks for three seasons.  I think, as much as I miss the Dragonflies, that it is being completely wonderful to have flexibility to do whatever we want on Saturdays and not spend half of them or more + Friday night on the soccer field.

10. I just realized that next weekend is our somewhat annual girls' weekend in OK.  I am SO excited and so lacking in a plan.  I adore my children, but really need time with my girl friends too and happily Brent gets that.  Hooray!

Happy Spring to you all!

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