Friday, April 19, 2013

Ten on....Friday

So, we're running a little behind this week, but that's pretty much the story here.  A few notes to rememeber:

1) Brent has started eating beets, voluntarily, even when I'm not around. This is awesome and I think my Dad is smiling at the sight.

2) The report from Preschool on Wednesday is that M and this little boy in her class spent much of the day holding hands, hugging, and kissing.  This has been independently verified with her teacher Ms. V.  M counters that she was pretending to be his mom... We've had some discussions about kissing in the aftermath.

3) B was home sick from school on Wednesday.  More stomach nonsense, but he is doing completely fine and home again today as it is a Professional Day at Edmond schools.  This afternoon he had his first play date with a school friend (J) and it went really well!  He also got to have is frog log lunch with Ms. S and got a Skylander's toy in his happy meal!  His chore chart is going very well, but oddly he's had two or three melt down evenings this week, which is more than usual.  I almost wonder if it is pressuring him? Not sure. We'll see how it goes this week.

4.  E has stayed home with me for two days because Ms. K is sick and I see no point in taking him there while she is ill.  It is ridiculously easy to work with him here (at least compared to M).  He plays quietly by himself, eats, and then sleeps for hours.  LOVE it.  So tempted to keep him home a day or two a week starting in the summer or fall, but we shall see. He also went to the Dr and discovered his ears are well, he's grown almost 1/2 an inch this month (28 1/8 inches) and is up to 24lb 12 oz.  He has quite a few bumps and scrapes this week due  to the hazards of cruising!

5. Our power was out for four or five hours on Wednesday.  B wandered around saying we were doomed and that we'd have to stay up all night (because who could sleep in complete dark?) Happily, we found plenty of flashlights including the crank kind Aunt Jamie got them for Christmas.  Uncle Able came by for awhile to watch the weather rage outside.  It was a random evening, but we were quite glad to have our power back.

6.  I'm mildly obsessed with making home made soft pretzels and we seem to eat them as fast as I make them. I've been using this recipe from the Smitten Kitchen, but topping some with cinnamon and sugar as Brent doesn't like salt chunks. Also, they are very good with Supreme Shallot salt-- which I currently put on everything.

7.  We had a banner visitor day today. Typically, we go weeks without any visitors other than my Mom and Brother (and only maybe Tracie if we're lucky).  This afternoon, Kira, Heather, and my brother all stopped by.  It was very exciting and fun!

8.  So we had a police standoff in our cul de sac this afternoon--- remember, I live in Edmond, not Watertown. At dinner time there were roughly six police cars, including one blocking the street, an ambulance, SUV, and firetruck all with lights on.  Everyone was just sort of standing around outside.  I was about to go run, but texted my neighbor first to see if she knew what was happening.  Apparently, a couple in the cul de sac had had a domestic dispute.  The woman was in one of the police cars and the man was inside with a gun threatening to kill himself.  Big drama. I did not run for a few hours until that all worked itself out somehow.

9.  My run tonight was awesome.  It was faster, consistent, and a beautiful evening.  I even felt like a runner. It was so awesome.  It was also my first run with my Knuckle Lights and running with the stars was great.  Thanks to Grammie for the great birthday present.  Not to worry, I was extremely careful and probably it helped me run faster, but glad I could get a run and some of the week's anxiety out of my system.

10. Swan Lake is tomorrow evening and I cannot wait. I am going with a bunch of wonderful people and so excited to see the full Swan Lake with live music and have a little time out on the town after the week that was.

I hope all of us have a more peaceful week to come.  

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Audra said...

Zach is also obsessed with making soft pretzels. You should try pretzel buns for hamburgers, amazing. Also, the peds nurse motto for the cruising stage is, "if they cruise, they bruise." Fun, fun!


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