Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

1. Love this.  E was in need of lots of snuggles this week as he worked his way back to health.  He basically stopped drinking for a couple days while running a fever. This resulted in another Doctor visit and antibiotics for his ear infection (as well as a lot of rough nights).  He is almost completely back to his charming self now, thankfully. 

2. B is the "STAR" student this week. This is a rotating Spotlight week in his class. He gets to make a poster about himself, bring star bear home for the week, and a variety of other special things.  It is lovely, and hysterical.  He adores star bear and takes him everywhere.  Star bear did almost get kicked out of the spice store today for being too rowdy.  His poster is awesome.  One prompt was something like what is one wrong you would right in the world.  His answer - Zombies.  (Yes, we're playing a lot of plants vs. Zombies just now).  Overall he's having a great week.  Today was "field day." I'm not sure what that involved other than outside games.  It was also another "Frog Log" lunch as now that I'm doing the paperwork he won again.  He also has a field trip on Friday to the zoo.  From here on, it is just a huge list of end of school excitement!

3.  It is also "Teacher Appreciation Week." I, newbie grade school parent that I am, thought this meant we would get something nice for his teacher and send it some day that week. Ummm, nope. Each day has a theme.  Monday, was something about giving her a drink so we sent Canela Hot Chocolate mix from the spice shop.  Today was "she's the write" teacher.  We sent handmade cards as part of the stationary prompt.  Tomorrow, is sweets day so we're sending Lavender Sugar (from the spice shop, of course).  Thursday, I believe is supposed to be seeds or something garden related.  We are stretching a bit here, but are sending cumin and poppy seeds because we like to support the family business.  The final day is supposed to be home room mom's choice, but as I have heard nothing from the homeroom mom we're sending the Savory Selects gift set we bought a month ago thinking we'd just be picking out one thing... Grade School is complicated for parents too, just in case you were wondering.  Oh, and we don't forget the "non-classroom" teachers as Grandma used to be one so they'll get Savory gift cards too.  (See, Savory Spice Shop OKC for all your gift giving needs!)
4.  Today was a very special M and Mama day!  M, as you may know, is commonly referred to as "Ladybug" here so it was only appropriate to dress her up and go to the Myriad Gardens' Ladybug release event.  

4.  I just love this picture.  Random happenstance, but isn't she beautiful?

5.  Obviously when one is wearing the most awesome costume in the gardens that happens to have a twirly skirt you must dance.  So dance she did.  Also, apparently was photographed by a reporter so look for her in the OKC paper this week. 

6.  One awesome part of today and our week was getting to share it with friends.  Gavin and CJ joined us for our adventure and we passed Molly and her girls coming in as we were leaving. I also got to spend the weekend with the Palfreymans, Chrissie, and Sarah.  We ate, talked, crafted, exercised, and shopped.  It was awesome and just what I needed.  Thanks to everyone today and over the weekend!

7. Once our ladybugs were released.  We explored the gardens,  got a hand tattoo, and managed to take a picture together (albeit a strangely somber one). 

 8.  Here's the back story though.  Originally, this day was supposed to have two adventures.  We were also supposed to get to have lunch with B at his school, which M has wanted to do all year.  However, at the literal last minute we found out it was Frog Log lunch so we couldn't go.  She was sad.  We came home and danced and watched dancing movies intermittently, while I worked, but I did have to work.  We had to leave the ladybugs sooner than we probably would have if I didn't have to work this morning. (Cue Mom guilt). I told her we would come back in the afternoon with brothers to play.  We decided to make a picnic.  We did come back, but the playground is closed for the week before a big event. (Why I didn't notice this when we were parked nearby earlier is a mystery).   We did have a picnic, but strangely early, in the heat and without E's hat.  We blasted through the gardens again in the last 10 minutes it was open with her brothers.  I felt like a pack mule wearing E, carrying the picnic bag and the diaper bag.  It was hot. They really wanted to play, but there weren't good options.  We left.  By the time we got to the spice store to buy a teacher's gift for Ms. V we were all a bit frazzled.  Brent swooped in to rescue us and took M to her hair appointment while I finished shopping. I missed my exit by miles and was slightly late to my appointment, which started later still.  This is the real story of motherhood for me.  It is wildly important to me that I get special time with each kid doing something that makes them happy.  It is important that I be good at my job.  I have a lot to juggle.  Sometimes the magic works, sometimes less so.  Know that I'm trying hard and that it isn't always as easy as blogville looks.... I love you ladybug.

9.  Oh, here is B with his STAR Student poster surrounded by all the kind things his classmates said about him.  Very sweet.

10.  I can hardly believe school is almost over. I leave for DC in less than a week.  It is going to be a crazy few weeks around here.  Hold on for a wild ride everyone!

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Debra Dotter Blakley said...

If there is a pic in the paper, save one for me because I probably won't get one here. Sounds like way too much in one day to me. Was Field Day a mini track meet? It was always a huge track and field day at our school but maybe it is something different at his. Thanks for all the support for the shop and for remembering the music teacher.


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