Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

1.  It is so amazing how different life is for this guy now that he can walk.  Most of the time I think he finds it incredibly joyous.  He is already trying to run and usually so very very proud of himself for trekking around after us.  Some things though are much more frustrating.  He is quite put out by the whole putting away laundry cycle as he just gets to the closet in time for me to go back and get more laundry.  Not pleased and also hasn't figured out he could just wait there (or doesn't want to?) I do like him toddling along after me and he has quite fun with his siblings. The occasional temper bits remain, but he is so full of joy that we all are happier for it. 

2. I took all the kids to Toys R Us so M could get these birthday presents (as mentioned on Friday).  I would not recommend to anyone doing this.  Just my PSA for the day.  I suspect it is because it was M's birthday week, but B has fallen off the good behavior wagon and I spent much of today pulling him up short and reminding him of how things work here.  The spiral downwards began on the toy outing and I'm hoping we'll have things pulled back together ASAP (tomorrow????)

3.  I certainly will be doing a birthday weekend recap when I'm more fully recovered, but here is a sneak peek at the incredibly awesome doll cake that M and I made together! (#dreamcometrue)

4.  Zane and Audra drove down for the celebrations, which means we had quite a lot of outings and fun this weekend.  Here are three of the boys, each at different stages, on a climbing structure at a nearby park.  It is so awesome to have them together!

5.  For the second time in a month, we wen to the Osteology Museum.  It was a quick visit, but E was much more into it now that he is mobile on his own.  We also used it as an opportunity to practice wearing shoes as school is coming soon!

6.  Then, after dinner at Kari & Able's almost all of us went to see Despicable Me 2.  I was nervous as I was a bit worried about some "gross" humor, but enjoyed it and think we all had a great time. 

7.  M slept in very late on her birthday and decided to start her day with breakfast at Braums (random much?) (Note, this visit included her older brother throwing a plastic fork at me, so I can't say it went "well").  It was fun to get to treat her a little before I had to go to work though.

8.  I had a bit of trouble transitioning to work as M really wanted to hang out with me. As I attempted to work, she made a scrapbook page and some jewelry out of glow sticks.  She then decided she wanted to be a lawyer like me when she grows up (clarified to explain that she means one who works some and plays with her kids some).  She then told me being a kid is hard because she wants to be with her Mommy all the time (sob).  Luckily, the babysitter did lure her off to some other fun. 

9.  We made another cake for M's "real" birthday.  This time it was lemon decorated in seriously almost 7 ounces of sugar sprinkles and some wild blue swirls on the side.  She loved showing it to Grammie and all the other family guests but then declined to participate in blowing out the candles or eating it.... this, we believe, is the point at which the birthday celebrations and attention had gone on too long. 

10.  Today, we had her four year old well-child appointment complete with two vaccines and a glowing healthy report.  She remains at the 95% for height and 93% for weight.  Height projections continue to be on the tall side and she continues to be fun, smart, beautiful, a sometimes shy, and always awesome girl. 
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