Friday, August 23, 2013

MDO 1st Day 2013

We attempted the shot of all three again with about as much success as the day before. Then we walked B to the bus and he got on easily as though there had never been a problem.  I talked to the new bus driver who is a gentleman in his 60s that vaguely reminds me of my Dad so I think all will be well there. 

Then we had nearly an hour before MDO so we took a few pictures and played in the yard. She looks so grown up to me here.

We of course tried to get both of our MDO kids in the same shot...with about as much luck. 

M requested a photo in front of the garage for some reason.  I've seen a few folks on pinterest use that white space for facts about their kids to start the year so I may do that since we conveniently have this picture. 

And of course we needed to confirm how delightfully twirly her new dress is and highlight her awesome glitter pumas. 

Then we wandered over to what I think of as M's picture spot.  We have beginning and end of the school year pictures of her here last year too and probalby from years before as well. 

As you can see, she warmed up to the who photo session idea. 

Then we headed inside to grab backpacks and see if E could actually wear his without falling over.

He could, but just barely.  Inside, you would find five diapers, a change of clothes and his blanket.  His lunch bag doesn't fit when all the other things are inside, which is just as well as it is too adorable to hide :)

We stopped for coffee.  As you can see, E really, really wanted some.

Here we are!  Can I tell you how glad I am that Brent came with us.  It was by far the easiest drop off we had of the week.  The other two days E sobbed and clung to my shirt.  This day, he did cry a little, but it was better.  That may have been because he didn't know what was coming, but it did help to have someone with me if to help with logistics, stuff, and keeping all of us calm. 

Here is where M started to get a bit nervous and was completely done with pictures.  Ms. Jenny noticed we were all in coordinating clothes (random, but I notice the kids matched on B's first day too... accidental, I promise). 

Here she is making her necklace, but slightly nervous and shy.  She has done well with school all week although she is, of course, struggling to tell us what she is doing.  She does like being one of the big kids and having a room upstairs.  Almost all of her classmates are different than last year so they are still figuring it all out together.  I'm a big fan of her teacher (B had her two years ago).  She has been such a help during all the pickup/drop off nonsense as she goes to E's class room with me for both and helps carry things and holds my hand when he is sad (and therefore so are we).  M has had a really good week and I am very thankful for it.

As noted above, E is still struggling to adapt a bit.  His naptime at MDO is two hours later than at home.  They tell me he is sleeping amazingly well, but tired by the time noon rolls around.  His blanket goes with him and continues to be completely magic according to the teachers and headmistress.  He is also very hungry when I pick him up.  Each day I've packed slightly more lunch to see if that helps, but he always has left overs and is always hungry.  I suspect lunchtime is probably a bit shorter than his usual slow pace of eating.  As long as we have snacks right away he's OK.  He would probably benefit from an nap in the late afternoon too, but some days that hasn't happened. They all say he is doing very well and I trust them.  It does make me so sad to leave him sobbing.  I have, however, done that so many times now that I am able to with a bit less anguish than some of the moms who are doing this for the first time, thankfully.

Interesting side note, I love how diverse MDO is.  Several of the student's in M's class speak other languages and we hear them conferring with their moms before class in their mother tongue, as it were.  I love it.  Both M and B have classmates fluent in French, which I have a particular fondness for, and a whole manner of different races, cultures, religions, and family situations are in play.  I love it.  It is one of the things I thought I would miss from DC, but I'm glad my children are getting this experience. 

Post -Script:  After day one at MDO we went to Michaels for a few craft supplies and back to school items we were missing.  We bought yarn for the first time after all the fun they had with it during our Tulsa adventure.  They immediately went to work on making new pillows, dreamed up filling and gifted them to their animals.  M loves her "yarn ball" and wants to sleep with it.  I think her "fraunts" may need to give her a few more "fiber arts" lessons to fulfill the ambitious plans she has.  I'm very impressed at how well,  and how diligently B has taking to his sewing projects.  It is great to see him creating and thriving.  He actually has been totally awesome this week too.  It seems that maybe going back to school was just what they needed after all.

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Mary said...

I've stood outside the door and listened, and I know the crying doesn't last long--it's better the less I linger saying goodbye--but that doesn't make it any easier. Andy gets a smile and a wave, but I get the full-out freak out. Breaks my heart every time. Hugs to you, mama!


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