Friday, August 23, 2013

Five on Friday

A post about M & E's back to school experiences is percolating, but meanwhile here are some favorites I've found to share with you this week:

1. It has been a crazy busy week and this Bourbon Chocolate Shake from Not Without Salt sounds amazing.

2.  I think this Globe from ModCloth looks awesome.  I do have a weakness for globes and am oh so close to buying this one...

3.  I made a scrapbook page with all those things we did this summer from my earlier blog post.  In the process, I used nearly all of these cool Badges from Basic Grey.  Perfect fit for our adventures.

4.  As you'll seen in that back to school post for M she moved across the aisle to big girl clothes for school and I loved Old Navy's choices this time.  This Wonder Woman Shirt was a big hit!

5. We've finally found some shoes for E to love and rock in his back to school style.  I had alomost forgotten how much B loved his Pedipeds and I'm glad we tried them again.  For E, they are a bit tricky to get on his chubby feet, but once they're on he loves them.  He also likes to carry these around the house (or really any shoes he can find). 

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