Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Week In the Life: Ten on Tuesday

Day 2 of WITL and I'm tired.  Our day started at 4ish when E woke up (again).  We're starting to think he has an ear infection and he has an appointment on Thursday.  Meanwhile, I made zero notes on my little sheet today so here's what I recall:

1. 7:55 am. This is what M & E's lunches looked like today.  LtoR - Dried cranberries & pepitas, cheese, salami, Whole wheat oatmeal chocolate chip muffins (homemade & straight from freezer to lunch box--- these are the favorite item this week), & mandarin oranges.

2.  8:17 am: B's hair is getting longer and the spikes are much more dramatic than last time we tried them.  In good news, we now have daily folders again and he gets to go to a pizza party on Friday to celebrate his completion of his school library's summer reading challenges.  

3.  Here is B getting on the bus @ 8:23.  He got almost all the way to the stairs and ran bag for his good bye hug.  LOVED that.  Also, Able, Kari, and Zach brought back the wagon last night and there was much rejoicing by the younger bus stop crew :) (Thank you!)

4.  I decided everyone should get a heading to school picture today so here is M practicing her "lawn mower" dance move she learned from Uncle Able @ 9:12.  We left for school early as I had a meeting right at 9:30 and was attempting to somehow get both my kids into their class rooms between when the doors open at 9:25 and that meeting... Believe it or not I did make it out the door at 9:30 and the meeting was promptly delayed by 20 minutes... obviously.

5.  9:13am - When E gets confused by his sister's random fit over this helicopter which he found somewhere-- It was actually her "gift" to B when she was born, but she believes it is hers.  E was playing with it today so she immediately HAD to have it.  She did not win that one and E could not seem to fathom what the fuss was about. 

6. 9:20 am - E decided he was a big boy and needed to walk in to school by himself.  I promise ours was the only car in the parking lot and his sister is right next to him out of the frame. Isn't he adorable?

7.  2:49 pm - My work day is concluded and we're all adapting to the fact that I am going to DC in two weeks after thinking that trip had been cancelled.  We took our sweet time getting everyone loaded up after school and headed to Home Depot for more painting and home repair supplies.  I love her hair blowing in the wind and both of them happily driving the huge cart. 

8.  3:10pm -- Still at Home Depot as there were apparently no paint employees around.  By this point the paint has been ordered and we're turning the door area into our own play ground, which I'm sure they love... It was E's first time on the ground in Home Depot and he LOVED it.

9. 3:49pm - in the carpool line to pick up B.  Slow going as usual. 

10. 3:51pm - there he is!! Can you spot him?

11 (but who's counting?) - 4:07 pm - when we got home E wanted to play outside despite the heat. I got the bigs started on uppacking their bags and doing laundry and joined him for a bit of wagon fun.  He loved pushing his wagon around, but the driveway is a bit steep so I had to intervene sometimes so he didn't get pulled into the street.  Then I took him for a wagon ride around the cul de sac and by then we were both hot enough to go inside. 

12. 6:09 pm : M at Oklahoma Gold Gymnastics as we again try to find her teacher.  It is kind of pathetic that neither of us can remember her name at the start of our third class.... Before gymnastics we had tuna "cookies," grapes, and peas for dinner.  M mostly had hers afterwards and declared that I make the best food!

13. 7:10pm - After a very successful and fun gymnastics class M played a bit outside on this railing.  I think that many of the other parents (including possibly Brent) wouldn't let her do that. I've chosen to let her while standing close by and chatting about her day.  It is a good time for us both and so far, no injuries:)

14. 7:34pm - I thought the boys were doing homework while we were gone, but that didn't happen so B and I did one page of math and one very short book as part of his reading assignment (it took 24 seconds to read, if you're wondering...) Anyway, M ate and took her bath before book time.  Books today included: The Sneetches, The Butterfly Garden, The Three Little Pigs, & Best Ever Big Brother.

15. 8:02 pm - Teeth brushing, inhaler, etc... time for bed.  During singing time, E made it his mission to get M's art off the wall outside her room.  He can't quite get it off with his hands so he comes in and gets a plastic hanger and uses that to get it down.  I love the problem solving and use of tools at such a young age!

16. 8:15 pm - Able calls and asks for a ride to the airport to pick up Kari's car.  So I get an unexpected 45 minutes to chat with my brother and then drive home to catch up with Brent and blog.

17. 10:49 - Brent and I go to sleep exhausted. 
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Luke's Mom said...

Found your blog from Ali's. We live in Edmond and my son goes to OK Gold for Karate. I just wanted to share because I think it's so cool how this project connects people. Great pics!


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