Monday, September 9, 2013

Week in the Life 2013: Monday

It is time for week in the life again! This is my fifth year participating in this week long detailed documentary adventure inspired by Ali Edwards.  The concept is to capture the minutia and ordinary moments of life right now as it changes so quickly from year to year.  I've done many different things and usually included very detailed blog posts that were later printed and added to an album.  Today, I tried out using the handouts.  I don't know that I love the front side as there is very little room and big chunks of the space that aren't used when we're sleeping.

I do, however, really like the back of the page where it focuses on favorite moments, gratitude, things overheard, and observations.  Perhaps this is where those longer stories or moments go.  We shall see how tomorrow goes, but for now this is what we have.  My apologies that it is difficult to read. I'm not totally sold on this approach for the text.  I might use these journaling cards or see what Ali's doing with her project in search of a bit more inspiration.  Last year, I typed up blog posts with the time and printed those out and slipped them in.  I like the ease of it and how readable it is, but also time consuming. hmmmm.

The project also includes lots of photos of every day life.  I typically include photo collages as they are more manageable than fitting in a bunch of individual photos.  I make these quickly using the free downloadable version of Picasa. 

I'm torn about the photo collage size.  In looking at prior years I really so like having larger photos in the book.  The above is what having one collage would look like and below are what having two would probably be.  I suspect I'll go with the later. 

These are the morning - mid-afternoon photos and the below are for the remainder of the evening. 
Everything was pretty self-explanatory in these photos- car pool line, play time, breakfast, bus stop, work.

Those feathers are part of M's new math curriculum-- the page is all about 4, her age, and integrating that into art.  B was doing art this evening too as part of his homework and he was SO into it.  Love that.  We also had some surprise visitors in the evening as well as our normal craziness. 

Here are some links to prior years if you'd like to see how we've changed.  Baby E, for example, wasn't even born the last time I did this project as it occurs at random intervals sometime in the calendar year and was in April 2012 and only now coming back around!

(These links generally take you to the Monday post of that year and you can navigate forward from there). 

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