Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Week In The Life: Wednesday

7ish: Brent and B got up and had breakfast while I took a shower.  Brent left for work and shortly after that I discovered that there was going to be A LOT of laundry today and 1st thing in the morning bath for E...Once that was all cleared up and M & E were dressed it was almost bus time.  M was, as you'll see, wearing a bathing suit, but we went with it for the moment.  It mightily confused our other bus stop friends though. 

Roughly 8:05 --- I just discovered the time stamp on my DSLR is wrong, so we'll do some estimating--- B got a few minutes of electronics before heading to the bus stop while his siblings had breakfast. 

Breakfast for those of us that slept in a bit - cereal, muffins, milk, cheese, and apples. 

8:18  Everybody can use a helping hand and an awesome older brother.  M & E were lucky to get both this morning for the one block walk to the bus stop. 

8:34 am - playing outside.  The chalk drawings from last week are still there.  She found a feather on our walk to the bus stop and played with it until she discovered the neighborhood kids were out again, then she was off for more fun!

8:36 - well, before she ran off with the big kids she did find some time to hug (or er, pick up? ) her brother and play with him a bit at the edge of the garden. 

8:40 - E loves to run free and often with his arms back like this or swinging them back and forwards.  Yes, I did catch him before he made it to the street, but then we walked across to visit the neighboring boys.  The 1.5 year old hugged him and it ended in E being tackled to the ground (as young hugs often do).  We had to go home shortly thereafter to check on the other three kids that had fled to our house. 

8:45ish - So, I'm that cool (crazy) neighborhood mom with 100 of these in her freezer who is willing to hand them out to anyone that asks, even before 9 am.  I'm sure their parents love me (they are moving soon... hmmm).  This might have been E's first icy pop of his own and he thoroughly enjoyed it. 

9:21 - Here is a smiling M with flowers for chapel.  However, between the last picture and this one she has badly scrapped a big chunk of skin off of her big toe.  She was such a champ about it.  She didn't cry, just came running in and crawled into my lap.  We fixed her right up and here she is hiding it from you (she admits).  It is the big toe of that back foot, covered in two princess bandaids. 

9:40-2:20 - My work day was crazy, crazy busy.  Technically, these are my favorite and most efficient days. I do enjoy them at some level, but such a wild ride today. Brent, meanwhile, didn't teach class today, but did run the assembly and was interviewed for a news article along with his normal day full of meetings.

 2:36pm -  E is back in the car in different clothes as apparently there were a few more mishaps.  He took his blue bear to school as part of his class' texture lesson and needed all three of these items for the 4 minute drive home. M presented me with a drawing of a tree, which was strangely the only art to come home from school today. 

3:37pm - At home there was lots and lots of laundry to do.. still.  Also my new running shoes arrived. Yes, these are my second new pair of running shoes in less than a month.  Here's hoping my feet start feeling better. We also spent some of this time having snacks and playing randomly around in the living room before going to pick up B.  (During pickup time Brent was at the dentist having his teeth cleaned - normally he picks up B on Wednesdays, but couldn't this week). 
 4:29 pm - Part of our ritual each day after school is to unpack all the bags, process any papers, and then do one chore before electronics time.  Photos so far have made clear to me that cleaning their room needed to be the chore today.  B was very focused and got his project done quickly. M, however, was tired, whiny and a very slow mover.  It took her quite awhile longer and some help from Daddy while I took an after hours call for my job.

5:08 - I went to the Y to run as it was 96 degrees outside and I had missed two recent runs to baby my feet along a bit.  Brent and the kids stayed home, made & ate dinner, and did B's math and reading homework. Today's book took 4 minutes to read and I'm told they get harder each day. 
6:19 pm - As I turned on to our street I saw M standing outside by the garage alone smiling and dancing, waiting for me!  She does this sometimes when I run outside and I love to see her smiling at me that last block or so.  I was just so amazingly touched to see her there.  When I got out of the car, she offered me two tiny flowers she had picked from the yard while she waited.  (I melt).  We did lots of hugging and catching up on what I had missed while I was gone :)
6:58 pm - M's new "magic brush" has arrived at last after we officially declared the other one lost forever this time.  E loved brushing his hair with it and wandered all around.  The guys did the dishes and then played a little Zelda while M had her bath. 

7:40 - Book time! B went to the library today and picked out Matzoh Ball Boy -- which is sort of like the gingerbread boy story.  We then talked a little bit about Passover using the guide at the back and recollections of the Seder we attended when we lived in DC.  We also read the Magic School Bus explores the senses and Count This.  I filmed an adorable little video of E in the back ground dancing while all of this was going on that I'll try to share soon.

8pm - teeth brushing, toe doctoring, medicine, and songs all around.  Brent and I watched the Daily Show& Colbert Report together while reading and playing online.  

I suspect bedtime will be soon.(10:19pm)

OK, so that didn't pan out. I posted this and about 10 minutes later E woke up screaming and would not be calmed down. We did all the normal things, diaper change, cuddles, ointment on his feet, milk, tylenol, and eventually he and I snuggled into the chair to calm down.  We fell asleep (of course).

11:29 - Brent woke me up and put E to bed.  We discovered that M had had an accident so then had to change her and all her sheets before finally making it to bed ourselves.  So much for going to sleep earlier than usual.

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Jamie said...

What a sweet girl. I would run a little faster knowing she was waiting at the finish line! Sweet story.

And Zelda... they still have that game?


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