Friday, December 13, 2013

Day 12: PJs + a Movie

Day 12:  We have a tradition of new PJs for everyone for a movie night in December.  This time we managed to find matching PJs for everyone but M.  E's PJs were WAY too big so I doubt he'll wear them very often this winter (sad face).  We randomly watched "Arthur's Perfect Christmas." Which was fine, not amazing, but good show about different ways people celebrate the holidays and how the day going differently than planned can be pretty perfect too.  E's attention span was not long enough for the 45 minute show so he would randomly tackle people, for added entertainment.  It was also his 1/2 birthday so he'll be getting his own special page in the next day or so. 

Here are days 11 & 12 together.  Very different color schemes, but I'm fine with that.

Crafting note:  I wanted to add in more stars so I tried adding this overlay over the journaling.  It makes it a tiny bit hard to read, but I like the look and it being something different. 

It is also only attached on one side so it can be peeled back to more easily read.  Fun, right?   Only 13 days till Christmas!
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