Tuesday, December 3, 2013

DD 2013 - Day 2: Beautiful

I've grown into the habit of looking for the day's story after four years of completing this project.  There are a few days I plan out for the month and a few others I know will fit in between.  Each  December, one page of my December Daily is devoted to each of our children.  As yesterday unfolded it was clearly Lady M's day.  Above is a picture of her in the Christmas dress she picked out herself.  I "think" I will add this picture as a 6x8 into the album with pretty paper or embellishments on the back.  

For now, we have this sweet image, and my letter to her about her fabulous, exciting day.  She was full of Christmas spirit and helped everyone else be too.  In addition to picking out her dress she also picked out her ornament (a blue sparkly whale?)  Then we wandered through the toy aisles and took pictures for her wishlist-- which she insisted I write up for Santa when we got home. (B of course needed one too).  Then she spent most of the evening dancing and singing as a "fairy" in her "princess" dress.  The songs were mostly original and often included God and America (true Okie). 

 (Crafting Note - I only added the #2 tag and some shimmer to the journaling card today.  With my finger I spread some gold stickles across this decoration box and left little dots of glitter around the text as well.  Then, I glued these wooden words on and voila!  Yes, it was kind of late when I did this as I spent a lot of time picking out Christmas Cards, but once again the project was done in about 7 minutes so no worries even at 11pm.)

I made a second little insert page of her and her wish list.  B's wishlist and picture will go on the reverse when they are finished.  I'm not sure if this little insert will live here with "her" day or move to another day, but for now, it works and I have the story, the pictures, and the wishlist to mark our very special lady's very special day!

 (Crafting Note: The wish list is written on an older Elle's Studio journaling card I happened to have in my purse when she decided on this project --- lesson learned.  Keep journing cards handy! B asked for a bit more festive Christmas card for his wishlist so I let him choose from those in my SC kit and everyone was very happy.)

Together they look like this.  Do you think the enlargement would work well in the middle at 6x8 size or should I just leave it like this?

How is your December? 
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Chrissie said...

I love the pages! I think having the enlargement in the book is a great idea, but maybe not in the middle. I really like how those two pages look together right now =)


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