Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Year in Pictures: B

No, I have not forgotten.  My laptop screen is mysteriously somewhat broken, but I'm going to forge ahead with the next of the birthday posts.  Per tradition, here are B's 12 pics from this year. 

Jan. 2013
I had to start with these guys together.  They ended the year sitting exactly like this too.  

Valentine's Box - Feb. 2013

Fairy Tale Dress-up Day - Mar. 2013
Spring Family Photo by Heather Warren - April 2013
The Last Day of Kindergarten - May 2013

Family trip to CO - June 2013
Intense Summer Trip to the Science Museum - July 2013

Brother Fun + Soccer - August 2013

1st Grade Craft Project - Sept. 2013
Jango Fett + Halloween - Oct. 2013
Fall Photos by Heather Warren - Nov. 2013

Santa Pics - Dec. 2013

Winning at Monopoly - Jan. 2014

So that's a tiny look at the year. I have such a hard time choosing pictures, but think it was a very good year indeed.

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