Sunday, March 9, 2014

Project Home

My mom is blogging lots these days about her garden planning and revitalization project.  I am thinking I may join the fray with my own home updating project.  We have lived in this house almost 6 years.  It was new when we bought it, but was already finished, so we didn't choose any of the options like paint, finishes, fixtures, etc.  Six years and three kids later the places where the builder cut the corners are more than showing as is the wear.

We would like to move in the next couple of years, but that isn't a certainty.  Either way, we have reached "to do" list state where there are a lot of things that need fixing and I feel like we may tackle them more readily with a list.  So, to keep me accountable and solicit any advice you may have here is my current list, roughly by theme. These are things I would probably need/want to do to live in it or sell it

EDITED -- I am updating the project list as I think of them and marking through items that are complete. I will post a monthly progress update on my blog.

Painting Projects:  Many of these are top of the list. When I know the color we're using I've added it).

  • Paint Entryway - (Silver Hill by Behr)
  • Paint Hall between entryway and living room (Cool Sky by Behr)
  • Paint Master bath room - (Moonshine by Benjamin Moore)
  • Paint Master Bedroom ....again ((Moonshine by Benjamin Moore)
  • Touch up paint by changing table in nursery - (Glacier Bay by Glidden, flat paint)
  • Touch up paint on accent wall in Kitchen (Smoky Gray by Glidden)
  • Touch up paint in big kids' room or repaint??  (Currently some vibrant blue color by Sherman Williams)
  • Sand and Paint or stain cabinets in guest bath -- (probably either a navy or Moon Rise by Behr)
  • Repaint trim on front of the garage (currently dark blue gray color)
  • Repaint trim around the front door (matches garage) (currently dark blue gray color)
  • Paint Inside of  Front Door -- (Inside Moon Rise by Behr)
  • Paint Outside of Front Door - TBD to coordinate with trim. 
  • Paint Laundry Room - probably same shade as kitchen/living room
  • Touch-up paint on Garage Door
  • Spray Paint White the "Love" sign in the entryway
  • Paint the office - (Probably a light blue gray... but you guessed that, right?)
  • Repaint Gallery Wall Frames for Entry
  • Rehang Gallery Wall Frames in Entry


  • Replace entryway light with this or something similar.
  • Move living room fan to office, find a larger fan/light combo for the living room
  • Paint or replace light sconces on Garage.
  • Buy curtains for Living Room (before it get's hot!!) possibly these (pictured below)
  • Buy new curtain rods &  hang curtains in the living room

Counters - Replace kitchen counters with granite or something else nicer than laminate

  • Aggressively clean (or have cleaned) grout in the kitchen
  • Carpet halls and living room -- nearing a place to think about replacing either with carpet or wood, but out of budget right now and short on ideas too
  • Replace flooring in Office-- thinking wood or something similar
  • Consider replacing bathroom/kitchen/entry floors

Wood issues
  • Stain/seal cabinets/window ledge that are showing water/steam wear in kitchen
  • Stain/seal (or paint?) cabinets that are showing water/steam wear in master bath
  • Replace doors that have water/steam damage (or other damage) --- at least 4--- doors are hollow core, so consider replacing with something more durable, but remember there are 14 or so doors total....
  • Fix trim break at interior top edge of garage --- replace or repair and touch up paint accordingly.
  • Consider adding crown molding to master bedroom
  • Add trim around mirror in Guest Bathroom
  • Add LEGO creation shelf to kids room
Water issues
  • Replace kitchen faucet with one less prone to dripping
  • Replace backyard spigot
  • Buy water hose for front yard
  • Buy & Install Water barrel for backyard (Ordered, pick up date April 4 - cost $61.50 for barrel, $25 for stand and $10 for gutter "elbow")
  • Unclog master shower 
  • Finish remulching front beds
  • Add fertilizer to front beds and tree
  • Finish east front bed--- add bush-- rose or otherwise
  • Prep Gardens for spring - clean, add compost, plan crops, etc...
  • Come up with potted plant plan--- and add soil
  • Prune broken branch out of willow in back
  • Spray/poison ants/ try to keep ants out of vegetable garden and/or house
  • Fix mailbox
  • Possibly plant second tree in the front yard---flowering variety, but not a bradford pear
  • Stake Tree in front yard
  • Buy (storable) adult picnic table/kid table for holidays
  • Replace floor mat and remove "junk" pile from the area
  • Organize shelving - add tubs, etc 
  • Add hanging hooks for B's bike
  • Spring Clean the Storm Shelter (Brent does this every year before storm season).
  • Add Art to hall walls
  • Add clipboards for child art to dining room
  • Add "something" to living room walls

Yep, that's it, roughly thirty or so projects.  This is why we'll be living here awhile longer and I'm certain there are more that will come on to the list, but it feels nice just to HAVE a list and have them all in one place.  Some of these are wishes more than needs.  Some I think will help sell the house (like counter tops), and others are just maintenance/preferences changing.  Some, we may never do, as they are low priority or too high cost for the near term).

We definitely do not have the budget to do all of these things at once.  We do plan to spend a little each month on these projects to keep the list moving.

I think when faced with a list like this it help to pare it back to a manageable five we hope to do in the next month so here is my goal sheet:

1) Paint hall between entryway and living room
2) Finish remulching front beds
3) Prep Gardens for Spring
4) Paint entryway
5) Paint interior of Front Door

I'll let you know how we do.  Of course help with any of these is, of course, always appreciate --- help can be ideas, man power, pins of interest, encouraging words,  watching our kids for awhile, whatever ideas strike you!

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Mary said...

We are doing a lot to our yard to make it feel like our own, including roses and a few other plants for color. I've wanted an almond tree since our first spring here, and so we finally planted one this week. they have beautiful pink blossoms and do very well in the heat here. they bloom about the same time as bradford pears. and of course you could always plant a redbud tree! I would have liked that too. almond was quite a bit less expensive here, though.


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