Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Project Home - April Edition

Project Home

Time for a new month and new Project Home goals.

First, here is what we finished in March.  (Note - I update the original post on an ongoing basis as my "master list" of our progress and also add more items).

Projects Completed

  • Paint Entryway - (Silver Hill by Behr)
  • Paint Hall between entryway and living room (Cool Sky by Behr)
  • Touch up paint by changing table in nursery - (Glacier Bay by Glidden, flat paint) (new and completed)
  • Touch up paint on accent wall in Kitchen (Smoky Gray by Glidden)
  • Paint Inside of  Front Door -- (Inside Moon Rise by Behr)
  • Spray Paint White the "Love" sign in the entryway  (new and completed)
  • Replace entryway light with this or something similar.
  • Buy water hose for front yard
  • Finish remulching front beds
  • Add fertilizer to front beds and tree (New and completed)
  • Prep Gardens for spring - clean, add compost, plan crops, etc..
  • Prune broken branch out of willow in back.
  • Replace floor mat and remove "junk" pile from the area (new and "mostly" completed)
  • Spring Clean the Storm Shelter (Brent does this every year before storm season).  I take that time to add any missing supplies or update our emergency kit. 
  • Buy new curtain rods & hang curtains in the living room

New Projects added
  • Paint the office - (Probably a light blue gray... but you guessed that, right?)
  • Replace flooring in Office-- thinking wood or something similar-- there was an "incident" in the office that resulted in adding this and the above item to the list -- mostly I spilled blue paint on the floor and wall....
  • Consider replacing bathroom/kitchen/entry floors
  • Add trim around mirror in Master Bathroom
  • Add LEGO creation shelf to kids room (bought shelf & brackets already)
  • Buy &  Install Water barrel for backyard (Ordered, pick up date April 4 - cost $61.50 for barrel, $25 for stand and $10 for gutter "elbow")
  • Organize shelving - add tubs, etc -- some of this is complete, but more to be done
  • Add hanging hooks for B's bike in the garage
  • Spring Clean the Storm Shelter (Brent does this every year before storm season).
  • Paint 1/2 gallery picture frames & update pictures as necessary. (and rehang gallery wall)
  • Buy new curtain rods & hang curtains in the living room -- once we bought curtains (thanks to my BFFs randomly being in Ikea) we realized the hard ware doesn't match so we had to add a step. 
(I did manage to "maybe" add less items than we completed, which is progress, right?)

Here was my list of five goals from March -- All completed!
1) Paint hall between entryway and living room
2) Finish remulching front beds
3) Prep Gardens for Spring
4) Paint entryway
5) Paint interior of Front Door

The entryway updates are just the best. I totally love the change. It is a completely different and much more wonderful place.  Hooray!  It is a bit hard to photograph, but I promise to try.  Note, we haven't put the photo gallery back up as we have decided to paint some of the frames as the existing black frames disappear into the gray. 

I also love the new curtains.  We hung them close to the ceiling and it looks so different and dramatic!

Next up, April's Goals:
  • Add LEGO creation shelf to kids room
  • Finish east front bed--- add bush-- rose or otherwise
  • Plant second tree in the front yard---flowering variety, but not a bradford pear
  • Paint or replace light sconces on Garage.
  • Install Water barrel for backyard

So, as you can see, we're mostly working on the exterior this month in preparation for spring. I toyed with adding a few more goals that are also on the "exterior" lists, but think for budget, time, and sanity reasons it is best to stick with this number.

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Debra Dotter Blakley said...

Are you moving soon? Because this taking up of floors seems to scream we're leaving. Should I know this already? Probably not. Scratch that. You guys are ambitious, I'll certainly give you that. Love the front hallway and the light. Wow.


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