Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

1. I ran in the OKC Memorial Marathon 5K as planned.  It started two hours late due to a rain delay, but luckily Able and Kari stuck with me the whole time so it wasn't too bad at all.  The weather was lovely by the time we did start and the first 1/2 of the race was great. I even got to run with Anna (my sister's BFF).  I wasn't as well trained as last year and, it turns out, getting sick, so the last half wasn't as good. Happily, for the very first time ever my family was there at the finish-- Thanks to my mom, brother, Kari, Brent, and kids for cheering me on -- you can read my mom's recap here -- I particularly loved getting to cheer Heather and Will along the marathon route.  Cheering at marathons is great.  You should try it!

2.  Later that afternoon after not much rest and most of the morning spent being drippy wet from the rain showers, I pulled it together and took the big kids to the Redhawks game with the Korenaks.  My sister did an awesome recap http://korenaks.blogspot.com/2014/04/their-first-taste-of-baseball.html

3.  Then I started to get sick and went to sleep early, felt better, made it through Monday and then felt yucky and went to sleep early again (I even called Brent in the office from our Bedroom to bring me a blanket...pathetic, yes?)  I good news, I feel much better today.

4. Yesterday, I got the dreaded call from school that E seemed to be breaking out in red splotches (not a good thing with a peanut allergy kid). I went and retrieved him.  He seemed fine if a little warm.  I dosed him with meds and he took a very long nap while I worked and then while his guardian Grandma stayed with him in the quiet of the afternoon while M & I bought groceries.

5.  We continue to just throw seeds in the ground in hopes of having a garden. I do this yearly and am not 100% sure it is rational as my interest in gardening pretty much disappears when the temperatures are over 100.  Meanwhile, not much is growing so perhaps it won't be an issue, but feel like our small biology lesson needs some successes to encourage my children to grow things.  The rain barrel is very popular (and full!) we water out of it daily already.

6. Brent had to work on Saturday so I took all three kids to the soccer game.  Thankfully their grandparents arrived to help out before I totally lost my mind.  E is quite fond of bolting places (in to traffic, onto soccer fields, etc...) so it is really good to have help on hand.

7.  Today was my 38th consecutive day of exercise.  I feel like it is very close to being a habit now.  I do much better when the question is "which" exercise we will do today, not "whether" I will exercise.  I stilly have a large variety of different things, which seems to reduce my injury.  There is one day that is just "abs and ankles" (ok, really feet, but that sounds better, right?) and another that is a full hour of gentle stretching yoga so there is some "rest" in the routine without an official no exercise day.  Sadly, I don't see many actual changes in my body, but with so far to go, I shall continue (and try to make better food choices.....)

8. It is almost May and I'm shocked to discover (again) how close we are to the end of school.  M has her mother's tea events on May 12 and 13 (I"m hoping a Grandmother or two will go on the 13th as I'll be in DC? Sad).  Also M&E have their spring program on the 19th and 20th.  M has her M&M Olympics at Gymanstics on the 21st and this week will be B's last soccer games of the season and last games as a dragonfly :(

9.  B has decided he wants to play baseball.  B knows almost zero about baseball.  He wanted to play this summer, but we can't face the commitment (and heat). I believe I've convinced him to go to baseball camp for a few days instead to learn the basics and then join his buddy Noah's team in the fall (since he can't be a dragonfly then anyway as it will be an all-girls team).  B is also very in to pokemon.... obviously.

10.  E is suddenly loving Mickey Mouse so that may be our birthday theme instead of Thomas (who he also loves).  We have one Mickey Mouse episode on Netflix and I can feel that getting old fast so we may need to buy some as he comes up to me very seriously a few times a day and says "Mickey Mouse? "Toodles?" He is quite talkative these days, almost too much as it is making book time quite the challenge.  He also totally adores strawberries and, of course, gold fish.

We'll add an 11 for M as she needs an update too.  She helped me pick out a few clothes for summer and is quite excited about being rainbow twirling dress twins with Serenity.  She loves to play outside and is full of adventures with E in the yard.  She also continues to love Frozen, painting, and coloring. She is tired of gymnastics (as always happens after 10 months of anything with her) and is ready for a break.  We're having a few listening/honesty issues lately, but in general she is great fun to be around!

Oh, and M&B are doing the Princess Run and Dudes Dash on Sunday so we'll have a full busy weekend!

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