Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

1.  Who doesn't love some slightly goth craft time? M checked out a "Mother's Day Crafts" book from the library --- along with maybe 6 Christmas books??--- and made us some lovely flowers with some help from Ms. Allison (aka the babysitter who comes 4 days a week while I work.)  We started on it together, but she finished after the break with her friend.
2. One of the challenges from B's school summer reading program was to build a robot.  It listed recycling items as one possibility.  B whipped up this robot all by himself with items from the cardboard recycling, tape, and finished it off with some marker decorations.  He named it "Random".  Loved seeing him do this all by himself and being enthusiastic about it.  Remember when he was 2 and we built him a robot costume from cardboard boxes :)

3. Last Friday, my Mom (later assisted by Audra) watched the kids while I worked. (See above, Ms. A only comes 4 days a week by her own choice).   M came outside in this ensemble which she allegedly plans to wear to Able & Kari's Wedding.  Brent and I might be tempting her with a new dress instead, but she is committed to some sort of head wear.  Maybe a flower wreath in her hair?
4.  This little guy is learning how to put on shirts by himself.  It is quite amusing.
5.  These guys have been friends now 1/2 their lives or maybe a bit longer.  They have awesome, epicly long playdates where they pretty much play video games for hours on end with occasional breaks for food or time in their rooms.  B, sadly, had two ridiculous fits during this play date.  Not sure what the deal there was, but apparently still dreaming those end.
6.  We have a phenomenal group of friends that started when we were in college (OK, with Tracie way before that).  One cool thing is how we jointly parent.  When we are together, each adult (parent or not) is basically assumed to be watching/parenting the child closest to them.  This includes basic things like opening doors, getting drinks, making sure they are safe, but also includes correcting behavior.  Our kids have grown up in this system and do not question it if some other of these adults tells them what to do.  I adore it.  On Sunday, after above fits by B, I arrived at this party with our kids (sans Brent who is Kentucky).  My book club was having a special "activity" based on one of our recent books. I just buckled all the kids in the minivan, handed Gavin the keys, and he took them to the pool, no problem.  He slathered them with sunscreen sent them in to the pool and was standing 9 inches from my happily playing 2 year old when I arrived.  Said 2 year old will often not go anywhere with any other given adult and has rarely been in a pool all summer.  Same boy went to sleep chanting "I like Gavin."  Yes dear, we all do.  Above, E is being tossed in the water by Scott.  Scott is one of the ones moving away.  See the three girls in the background playing happily.  They are all about 18 months apart.  One of them is moving away too.  As a few of our core families leave, I will miss the ease of these friendships, our shared approaches and loves. I love that my friends married each other or married fascinating new people.  I love that my oldest friend Tracie fits so well with my college friends. A few other friends are moving back so I know the dynamic will continue, but there will be holes.
7.  Here is E, the baby of the kids crew this night, watching the bigs on the trampoline.  Sometimes it is tough to be little, but he took it in stride and Stephen (also possibly moving) took time to play with him and help him with the trike, etc... Having another dozen adults or so helping me with my crew definitely made this day much better for all of us.  True when Brent or I am gone, but really true every time we gather.
8.  B is at Science Camp at the Oklahoma Science Museum this week.  The littles and I are taking a bit of time each day to play there too.  This gnome is outside in the gardens.  There are so rarely people out there, but we love it.  M thinks it is our secret garden as we almost never see people there.

9.  Brent is in Kentucky with one of his students at a conference.  There, he happened to discover that one of the researchers used to work in the same lab he did in the late 90s.  That guy's boss happened to work with his old boss and his PhD mentor at another time.  The spinal cord injury group of scientists is tight knit. I think it was fun for him to be back with them again.

10.  We're going to be going on some Oklahoma adventures and some Dallas ones too this week.  Anyone have recommendations in Southern Oklahoma or Dallas? So far, during our Oklahoma adventure, we're planning on -- the Stratford Peach Festival, The Toy & Action Figure Museum, Bedre Chocolate Factory, The GW Zoo (not related to "my" GW), Turner Falls, and probably some wanderings in Chickasaw Country including the heritage center and national park/lake.  I've made no similar plans for Dallas yet so send some ideas our way. We'll be staying with friends near the airport if that helps.

I hope you are having a wonderful summer!

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