Sunday, August 24, 2014

More back to school fun!

B's new Phinneas & Ferb kicks.
 Back to school, fun continued pretty much all week.  The afternoon of the first day, B rode the school bus home from school.  It was roughly 45 minutes later than I anticipated and things were getting tense.  Happily, he eventually bounded in the door for a family dinner with the Korenaks, but we completely missed M's scheduled hair cut.
Lady M was a little more serious for her first day than she was for sending B on his way.  She wanted to fancy up her hair so we put in a lot of braids the night before for a lot of kinks in the morning.
Daddy coaxed some smiles out of her though.  

She picked roses for her hair from the rosebush nearby.  So sweet.
Group shot - this year including Daddy as E was not willing to pose without him.
They are awfully cute together though!
These are M's new running shoes.  We discovered any shoes appropriate for running were worn out or too small and she needs to run with her mama and her friends so here we are!
Finally, B's bus arrived (we can see the bus stop from our front lawn so we were monitoring his wait while taking M & E's pictures).  We had started walking to join him for the wait and were almost to the corner when the bus arrived.
E, of course, rocked the Thomas Rainboots for back to school.

Just before drop-off, M was much more nervous and told me she was scared.  We walked her through it and she did fine.  Her teacher says she was a great help.  E, of course, sobbed when we left him, but, I'm told, also had a great time playing with his friend W, cars, and stuffed dogs.
After school, we met up with M's best friend Kyle for a playdate at the splash pad.  He goes to a different school now, but they are still fast friends and tell us they plan to marry some day.  Kyle's sister is in M's class today and we hope to keep seeing lots of them both!

The next day was our Mommy and M day at home.  M wanted to try curlers for more fancy hair.  It was cute, but didn't stay in long.  We need more product and possibly different curlers.  We shall see.
By Friday, M was all smiles and ready to thrive in Pre-K

 Today was was the Start of Sunday School.  He celebrated by eating doughnuts with us in the lounge while the big kids joined their new classes.  E, Brent, and I even manged to pick up some milk and fruit while we waited.  E mostly wanted to walk up and down the shady path outside and continually asked where M was.
I joined M's class for their song and prayer at the end, which was sweet.  Both kids reported to having a good day and remarked on how short it was. I think they were imagining a full day of school not just an hour.  Red folders in hand we're ready for this next adventure too.

Amidst all this newness, E also had a virus of some kind and ended up staying home 1.5 days of the 3 days he had school this week.  B also had baseball practice twice for 3 hrs total.  He is learning a lot there as well.

It has a been a busy fun week, but I'm hoping we find our groove a bit more this coming week as things still feel pretty chaotic. 

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Debra Dotter Blakley said...

I love Maggie's curls. Gosh, what a flash back to when you were that age and your hair looked just exactly like that. It does take product and hair spray to get those gorgeous curls to stay longer than thirty minutes because your hair is so thick and beautiful. Yeah, it is so easy to forget to hear what we are saying through the ears of the child, isn't it. Can you imagine them thinking that one of their two days at home with you and Brent would be all day in another school. Poor things. Glad it had a happy ending.417


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