Monday, August 25, 2014

Kari's Bridal Shower

 On Saturday, we hosted a lovely wedding shower for Kari, my brother's fiancee and our friend, at my home.  Her friends really did most of the work, but we were glad to pitch in and had a lovely day.
 There was a lovely brunch spread.
 It covered the table and counters, including a  mimosa bar!
 Guests were invited to write the couple messages in a bottle to open after the wedding.

 There was plenty of time to chat and congratulate Kari on the upcoming wedding.
 There were also lots of presents.  In addition to physical gifts, many guests chose to donate to their registry to help pay for portions of their honeymoon.  Their honeymoon is actually waiting until February as the Fall and early Winter is the height of busy season at the spice shop, but after that chaos, off to Europe they'll hopefully go.

Lady M was the only little girly in attendance and an excellent helper throughout the day.
Mom & Kari
 Tracie took on the role of official photographer and there are photos (not all included here) of every guest at the shower (except for Tracie... she does that on purpose).  She is an awesome friend in so many levels and it was great to share the day with my sister, my soon to be sister, and my best friend that has become a sister as well as my mom.
Kari with her Aunts

Kari with her sisters - one of which has a new baby and wasn't able to attend. 

Kari and her college girlfriends who were also shower hostesses. 

All the women in the Blakley family just now. 

Kari with friends from work.

There are many more pictures that I'll send her way, but these give you the flavor of a happy, beautiful day that extended into several more parties lasting well into the night.

We love you Kari and could not be more excited to have you as our new sister!

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