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Week in the Life 2014: Thursday

Hello Thursday morning - First up a peak at my work calendar while I make breakfast.  One part of my life is that I don't "mix" my phones.  My work/life situation is mixed up enough as a telecommuter, not  to mention some "practicing law" related issues that arise if I were to mix them.  So you'll always see me with two iphones -one pink (personal) one bluish (work).  This day, I realized I have a call as soon as I get back to the house so I plan accordingly. 
M has discovered make up and I some times let her use a little blush or lip gloss, particularly this week with all the costumes.  This particular morning she wanted to try mascara for the first time.  I used the smallest little bit possible and she thought it was so weird, but I was surprised how much I noticed it during the day. 
Back to stickers as we wait to get ready for school.  We ended up running late after diving through the costume chest searching for costume pieces she might wear the next day. We have to bring pizza money and cheese cubes in addition to all E's regular backpack items.  Thankfully, M is there to help carry things. 
E got to dress up for school for two days.  I love this photo the most though.  The parking lot backdrop seems perfect for batman.
Drop off - I probably only need one of these, but like that he is looking at me to say good-bye in one and snuggling his blanket as he transitions into his day in the other.
M is home today and begins her day with free play while I work.  The above is "homeschool"time.  We worked on Halloween French words (of course).  She has French lessons on Tuesday morning, but we try to do a little each day and a longer session on Thursdays.  (Note the switch to Tinkerbell costume).  She also does math, reading, matching, coloring (French vocab coloring & regular), dinosaurs (for science right now) and sometimes other things.  
Grandma drops by to help with home school and play time and I work.  I get to send the very last email of busy season.  It is a victory.  Grandma plays "Sleeping Queens" with M. I really like this game, but for some complicated personality/first child quirk reasons B cannot stand it.  M & I play it when he isn't around.  After this, she naps, I work, and Grandma heads to the Spice Shop. 
We pick up E at 2:30 and head to Target for final Halloween party supplies.  The trip takes almost an hour and almost $200.  Lots of that is veggies and other supplies for my "healthy eating" but there is a fair amount of candy too :)
Then, M & E help me make caramel apples.  In fairness, most of the caramel oozed off later, but they were still good. M&E added lots of sprinkles for extra fun. 
 Definitely time to be outside enjoying autumn.  The kids go out alone and I put Roast Chicken in the oven. (I use the recipe from the Smitten Kitchen cookbook).  I love that it roasts for an hour and I can just ignore dinner prep and play.  Easy and done.
E got a Frankenstein tatoo at school today.

 Brother crash! (B has arrived and it is about 4:30).
 Love it. I've wanted one of these above pictures, but never think to take it.  They were just laying there so I seized the moment.
 E loves this sword and plays with it daily.

 Full of stories.
And fun - she makes up her own games and we all seem to play (Well, B sometimes doesn't, but the rest of us do).
 Balls fly over the fence so we rescue them and check on the roses.
 Everyone winds down and we head inside for dinner.   Roasted Chicken and Potatoes, plus green beans.  Brent whispers that we really should carve those pumpkins we've had for weeks.  We do.

 It kind of amazes me that B can mostly carve his own pumpkins this year ans is fully designing them on his own.  M designs hers, but I do the carving.
  She wants it just like Uncle Able's pumpkin from the party--- but with a bow and eyelashes because it is a girl pumpkin.  She decides it might be a cat?  It is after seven so I bath E & M while Brent finishes up B & E's pumpkins.
 Cat, vampire, and Mickey Mouse

M is tired silly by this point and apparently playing baseball in her too small pjs.

The boys, per usual, are a bit calmer, but definitely ready for bed.  Everyone is in bed late, but tired and happy.  I do my exercising (weights, abs, walking).  Brent and I end the evening with our respective hobbies.  In happy news, Gavin is back so I get to say hi and listen in to their evening banter while I scrapbook. I also spent much of the evening texting with Jessie on her birthday and making cheese ball for the party at Audra's the next day.  Happy Birthday, Jessie!

We walk around putting the house to bed around 11ish and say good night to the jack-o-lanterns on Halloween Eve.

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