Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

 1.  It snowed! It started while we were in church on Sunday and the moment we came home M was right out in it.  She loved it and the cold never bothered her anyway :)

 2 The next day was a snow day! We lured Grandma to our house on Sunday with promises of home made bread.  It was icy and she spent the night for the first time in a lot time.  We all loved it and the kids had a fabulous time with her during the day while I worked.  They had hot chocolate, played outside, did LEGOs, played video games, etc...
 3.  M loving Grayson.  The trip to TX went really well from a transit and family perspective.  I thought it would be too short, but since it was so focused and just staying home it worked well, I think. It is fun to watch how all the kids interact and play differently together.  Great fun! (There will be a separate post with more photos on Thursday).  We also stopped in Norman to say farewell to the Palfremans on our way to TX.  I love eating at LOCAL as our kids get to play while we get to be with grown-ups and the food is delicious.  It was so hard to say good-bye.  At that moment where I had to turn with tears in my eyes.  So hard.  We will miss them so much.

 4.  M was really the only one that wanted to play in the snow/ice a lot.  On Monday afternoon, she asked me to come out with her and we had a great time. I  did some small jogging loops periodically to keep warm and yes, she had a much bigger jacket on (this is at the end when she was checking on me as I jogged some more).  We each only fell once:)
 5.  Today, M and I were cleaning my bathroom. She has become a very good helper and I adore it.  I've waited and fought so hard to get to this place and it is awesome.  Cleaning ended somehow with all three kids in my bathtub.  love it.  E still doesn't love the bubbles as much as the big kids, but he hung in there as long as he could.
6.  These two are adorable and so snuggly together.  E loves to watch brother play.

7.  We are doing a lot of planning for the rest of the year lately.  We have a lot of events already and are trying to balance fun and celebration with not over doing it.  We do better with some rest and days at home in there so we're trying to keep space for those too.  What do you think are "essential" Christmas celebrations for your family? What do you skip?

8.  Thanksgiving celebrations start Thursday.  Here is our list: Thursday -- 2nd Grade Thanksgiving Feast at AD, Sunday - Pre-K Thanksgiving Feast at St. John's, Mon/Tues - MDO Thanksgiving Feasts,  Thursday - Rouse Family Thanksgiving, Saturday  - Blakley Family Thanksgiving --- we're quite full of thanks, family, and friends :)

9. The day after B learned to ride his bike was super cold, but he wanted to ride anyway and did very successfully in that he doesn't need any help anymore.  Then his bike chain fell off.  We can fix it, I think, but haven't yet.  He did get to ride with the Jones boys in TX and loved it.  SO glad he is loving riding his bike.

10.  Lady M now like to show Daddy whatever project around the home she has worked on that day (Yes, just like me).  Yesterday, that meant clearing and carefully setting the table for everyone for dinner all by herself, including rolling silverware in the napkins "like at the restaurants."  Even if her project that day was cleaning the bathroom he gets shown it right away and is suitably impressed.  She does sometimes whisper in my ear to have me remind people to thank her, but as we're all about being thankful this month that seems fair as she really is helping all of us a lot and doing it so cheerfully.  Yes I've mentioned this twice in 10 items, but seriously, we're all happier and so is she.  Hooray.

Overall--- I feel like I should note that I'm doing much better after the cloud and stress of busy season.  I don't think I fully realized how much it was intruding in to all areas of my life until it was fully over.  I think we did a good job, but glad to breathe for awhile.  See, we're all happier. 

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