Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

1.  I sometimes wonder about the settlers on these plains before the weathermen learned their craft.  Think how astonishing it would be when the temperature drops from 77 to 30 overnight with no warning? We had warning, but still amazing.  We also picked all of our fall flowers, unhooked hoses, etc...

2.  Since we knew the weather was coming it was "everybody outside" afternoon."  Many, many months ago we attempted to teach B to ride his bike without training wheels. It didn't go that well and ended in tears/emo situation that landed his bike on the wall of the garage ever since.  Yesterday, M was riding her bike and B had been using his scooter as he has all summer. I tentatively suggested maybe trying the bike again.  He agreed.  Loved it.  And easily learned to ride it in just a few minutes.  He still needs a little help getting started, but only just barely. Today it is 30 degrees and he wants to know if he can ride his bike after school.... Victory?

3. Lady M had two birthday parties to attend on Sunday.  They were both girls she loved and she just couldn't choose so we split the time and did both. First, we went to Ashtyn's 5th birthday party.  She borrowed this cheerleading outfit, took pictures with cheerleaders, hit the pinata, and generally enjoyed a beautiful party straight out of pinterest.  Then, we switched into this "princess" dress for her friend Alescia's party. Alescia's party was also fun, but much simpler and with both boys and girls.  By the end of 4+ hours of parties though Ms. M was very tired and ready to go home.

4. B had what will likely be his last baseball practice of the fall on Saturday.  It was a perfectly beautiful day for baseball. This was my first time at practice and surprisingly the coach and I were the only parents.  I had M&E along as Brent was driving back from the OU game.  I mostly watched the nature explorers while B practiced with a few friends.

5.  Playdates are weird and I still have no idea what to expect from them.  All of B's early playdates were with his friend P and they last a minimum of 5 hours, often much longer.  This weekend during all those birthday parties B&P had a play date at our house that lasted 7+ hours.  (I don't mind the long play dates actually as these guys rarely see each other and have such a good time together).  Then yesterday, four of B's neighborhood friends came over after school and had a play date that lasted, I kid you not, 7 minutes and 37 seconds.  Their mom said they could come over for ten minutes but it too them more than 2 minutes to arrive.  M's play dates seem to be around the 2 hour mark, which is probably more normal, right?

6.  Motivated by internet discounts on ordering Christmas Cards early I have actually ordered our Christmas Cards (they will be addressed for me so just stamps necessary when they arrive).  I also sent out Christmas Tea invites and ordered paper versions of those, not to mention having plans in place for the next three weekends. I am feeling delightfully organized and hoping to be able to sit back and enjoy the celebrations more with plans and some of the product all set. I do still need to figure out what I'm cooking for the, at least, five Thanksgiving celebrations we're participating in (2 family, 2 school, 1 church).

7.  I'm taking a photography class of sorts this month.  It is called "Lens of Joy" and is taught by Ali Edwards (my favorite).  I hadn't planned to sign up, but did at the last minute.  I'm amazed at the amount of content and the thoughtfulness in the early lessons.  In week one, we don't pick up the camera. Rather we think about what is influencing our vission, why we take photos, our history with photography, and our "voice."  I like the idea of wanting each photo to capture a story as I really do search for that in my scrapbooking, but often don't think about it enough while taking the photos. In any case, you'll find me listening to lessons most evenings now as I attempt to catch up, but also reflecting alot on the whys and vision of my photography.

8.  While Brent was at the game this weekend, we made a three hour trip to the Y.  It is a great set-up for not so busy Saturdays.  First, I do yoga alone and then it is time for family swim to begin so we all switch clothes and do family swim for an hour or until E is too cold.  It makes both seem like more worth the effort and entices my kids to not mind childcare if we get to go swimming afterwards.

9.  We are trying to focus on gratitude this month. I'm not completely sure it is reaching the kids.  We've given food to several different food drives.  We've talked about bringing food to the Church's Thanksgiving dinner for the needy and my possibly volunteering there.  We talk almost daily about what they are grateful for (after explaining what grateful means).  The themes are being reiterated at school/Sunday School, but I'm not really sure if they get it.  M was able to recite to me the story of the first Thanksgiving (the nice version) yesterday and everyone seems to be making turkey crafts daily at school so progress is being made on some fronts, right?

10.  Mr. E is feeling a bit more 2 of late.  One interesting conundrum is that he really wants to be carried a lot.  When M was this age I was definitely not carrying her due to my costocondritis and being pregnant.  E is smaller than she was, but still getting to be pretty heavy.  That said, he's my last baby and I have a very hard time saying no to carrying him when I know there is so little time left on that front.  It is possible last babies get spoiled a little bit, but you knew that right?  Otherwise, he is completely sweet and tells me he loves me way more than any of the other kids.  He loves to snuggle still, which is awesome.  He does a lot of running these days all over the place (when not being carried).  He likes to watch B play minecraft, but is also completely able to get to the Toca Boca games he likes on the ipad and start them up.  He will do this while the big kids and I are doing chores, just quietly slipping away unnoticed to get some game time by himself.  In snort, he also remains sneaky.  Love that little one so much. 

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