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Week in the Life 2014: Friday

Hello Friday!  We pick up Friday right back at the table where we ended Thursday evening.  B is a little slow about breakfast, but so long as Mario is with him it is OK.  I took off work on Friday to be a mom, relax, and be with my family.  Brent gave me a bit of a gift of sleeping in and had the kids up, fed, and mostly ready by the time I emerged.  (In fairness, he is on breakfast detail almost daily, but this was more sleep than usual as I didn't get up until nearly 8).
 8:16 - I don't think I've mentioned that it was Red Ribbon Week at B's school.  This was the only day where the clothes were truly different enough to mention -- PJ day!  It so happens he chose footie PJs (yes, we explained why this was going to be tricky.  He did not care).  His PJs also look a lot like a costume and he again forgot a jacket on an even more blustery day :(  He & E look cute though, right? The other part of Red Ribbon week we've heard a lot about is the food drive competition.  Good news! OU fans sent more food so Boomer Sooner was heard throughout the halls of his elementary school!
 In a surprising turn of events, M chose Elsa as her 4th costume of the season and wore it to school.  It is my favorite as it is so beautiful, but I had been expecting a cat costume based on prior discussions.

 After I got ready, she did an Elsa show in the backyard complete with choreography and signing.

 We had to go to the bank for pizza money so I captured some pictures of my minivan riders. I love M's so much.  E looks a little intense. (Note, big Mario came along as well, just for the ride though).
Today, I was toting E's backpack full of normal things, plus jackets, a small pumpkin, and 12 Halloween cupcakes.  E was very put out that I wouldn't carry him as well and refused to join in the photo.  M and I proceeded to open the door and head in without him and he managed to catch up and walk to class :)
Brent was the one who convinced me to take Friday off to recuperate.  Our original plan was for him to join me for the day and to spend it together.  His work schedule sadly didn't work out that way so we settled for brunch. 
We had a lovely brunch at Kitchen 324 downtown.  We gazed out the windows and pondered who was in costume versus everyday clothes. (It isn't always obvious). Mostly we just caught up and were together.  He headed back to a research lunch and afternoon zoology lab. 

I headed over to the Myriad Gardens.  Remember how much I like Pumpkinville? Well, one great part is at the end members can take all the pumpkins they want for free!! I love pumpkins as outdoor decore and would love to have many many in our flowerbeds, but never want to pay for that many. Last year, I was sad I couldn't take advantage of this offer, but this year, I loaded up the stroller and took 15 pumpkins of various sizes home with me!
Requisite selfie - I had ideas that I would spend the day getting a massage or pedicure or napping or something. I really spent most of it driving all around OKC, but it was still a great idea.  (Notice the empty seats behind me--see, I had alone time!)

B and I have a tradition where once I month I bring him lunch and we hang out at school. I realized late the night before that we hadn't done it in October. So, I stopped at Sonic along the way and he had hot lunch (as he was already picking that up when I arrived and there was Halloween ice cream!) He also had Sonic.  This was fun and good to catch up, but the sad part to me was that little boy you see in the background sitting alone.  He is alone because he has a peanut allergy and can't sit with the other kids. As the parent of a kid with a peanut allergy this broke my heart completely as this could be E in a few years.  B says he eats with him most days, but sadly notes he won't be able to do that for E as they won't share a lunch period. (Sob). 
We walked back to class and arrived first for some super hero posing!

This is where the "thing just for me" part finally comes in. I had a little time before E's Halloween party so I drove slowly to my local scrapbooking store, Paper Crown.  I arrived just in time as they closed at 2pm for Halloween. I only had maybe 15 minutes before I needed to drive back to the party, but quickly looked around, found some goodies to inspire my crafting, and held the shopkeeper's baby while she rang me up.  It was fun, beautiful, and delightfully Oklahoma. 

 I arrived back for E's party in the nick of time.  It was pretty low key as we literally just fed them cupcakes and then took him home. I thought it was going to be the fall festival with games, etc... but apparently they did that earlier in the day.
 Next up, filling up the minivan for the evening/weekend fun. Gas prices are pretty low these days.
 We decorated the yard with pumpkins and M wanted to paint one. (E has painted one for the last two days at school, but really enjoys it so we did it again).

 Painting is one of those things my kids adore that stresses me a little as it is a huge, usually out of control, mess.  They actually did really well and I relaxed and didn't hover over it.  We all ended up happier and with very interesting pumpkins.

I always include a front view of the house in Week in the Life and am amazed how much it changes.  This particular pumpkin bed is my favorite.  Somehow pumpkin + daises just makes me happy.
I begin to realize that I should exercise before the Halloween festivities begin so E, M, and I all get our mats out and do some pilates. I am amazed how well they both stick with it.  E is crazy flexible still so he is particularly funny to watch.  For the first time, M did almost the entire thing other than when she needed to go share candy with B when he arrived.  It was just after 4:30 when we finished and time to get ready for the evening.  M and I both showered and had to dry her hair before the rest of the day could begin.
 M as a pumpkin - orange face is per her request.
B as Bobba Fett (with a Jango Fett gun from last year).
 E - still Batman, but now with a sword and sheild
 Everyone + sunspots on a chilly evening.
Somehow I missed pictures of the food spread at Audra's house and all the entertaining eating/kids playing time, but we pick up again as we head out the door.  We had forgotten E's jacket and borrowed one, but never wore them.  Capes are warm, right?
Sugar is beginning to kick in and they are ready to hit the road!

 All five cousins ready to hit the road.
 I loved Ro's outfit and his pumpkin dangling near the ground.

 E positively insisted on holding Granddaddy's hand at all times, which was beyond cute.
 We made a lengthy train as everyone moved at their own pace.
 My love, aka Daddy or pack animal :)
 The first house!  Everyone did so well saying trick or treat and thank you, even the little ones.
 I love Audra's tutu, socks and shoes!
 I was a butterfly. I had a lot of fun with the wings (again, wings are by Chrissie as is most of my costuming this year :) I added some antenae, and had a good time.
 Still holding hands and smiling.
 Darkness falls, but Bobba Fett wil protect us.  If only we can remember the way home (yes, Audra googled it as they are new to this neighborhood).  Hooray for technology and family fun!
 We warmed up back inside at the Korenak casa with this cute clown.

 Then headed out for a front yard fire pit as they do in the STL. Apparently, you also have to tell jokes for your treats in the STL and my mom confused many small people by asking for jokes, but gave them some instead.
We came home and everyone still wanted books and candy.  We obliged and even had a few trick or treators.  M&E trick-or-treated next door as we thought they might be missing us.  The kids evening ended as above when E was too tired and silly to move :)

Brent and I sipped our drinks, talked, and headed back to scrapbooking/video games with Gavin.

We fell into bed in a strangely cool house with hopes that our children might sleep in.

That's it for Halloween, but you can find prior days here:


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