Sunday, November 2, 2014

Week in the Life 2014: Saturday

 Hello, Saturday.  Saturday, M was totally a Daddy's girl.  She had to be with him and told him many times that he was the best Daddy every.  She began the day snuggling in bed with us already dressed in a leotard.
Allergies are rough here and so is waking up on a cold morning.

E, for one, slept in and spent some time playing with Mario in bed.

 It was a really lazy morning.  There was a lot of minecraft played and not a lot going on generally.  B did his homework while M played.  M played with costumes, or watched while he played.

 The Halloween mantle remains with us.  It will soon become the Thanksgiving mantle when I remove about three Halloween signs :)
We play a lot of LEGOs here.  Now that our littlest one no longer eats them we even get to play on the floor. 

 No make-up selfie. It was 37 degrees around 10am. I decided to go to yoga at the Y rather than run. I arrived and the sign said yoga was outdoors.  I would run outside in 37 degree weather, but yoga outside barefoot? Nope.  I found the teacher and she found us some space inside.
 Y at Mitch Park. I'm not sure this even existed last time I did this project. I almost never go to the Y alone so this was an odd, but peaceful trip without the chaos of childcare drop off and pick up.
 I took Brent's car and these were my ride alongs.  I bought gas on the way home as well as some supplies for the OSSM Society Chili Cook-Off later in the day. Brent & I  checked on the OU football scores periodically, but as we don't get FS1 on our TV didn't watch the game.  The good news is OU won handily.
After some lunch and playtime E and Mario took a nap. 

 M & B helped Brent load up massive amounts of cardboard to take to the recycling center along with electronics to take to Best Buy to be recycled.  During this, and while Brent was gone, I blogged Thursday and Friday WITL materials.
I also worked on our chili-cook-off submission off and on tinkering with the flavors. 
 Finally it was time to go as we planned to stop by the Spice Shop before the event.  We had to nudge E into wakefullness.

We stopped past the Spice Shop and bought new cumin to replace what I'd used up in the chili, black onynx chocolate sugar, and some Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce to give away as part of the prize.

We arrived slightly early and took advantage of the fun activities that were set up outside for the alumni kids.  It was a beautiful, if slightly chilly, evening.

 We headed back inside to play some more and eat dinner.
This is Ben who won the contest and the prize from the spice shop. 
Back home it was time for baths, books, and bed. 
 M's books for the day was Sophia the First and a chapter from her Tinkerbell book.  During B's book (a portion of Lord of the Rings, The Fellowship of the Rings), she worked on her Sunday School homework.
 Once the kids were in bed, I did some scrapbooking and managed to nick my finger with my paper cutter.  Which hurts as much as you think.

Brent had fun playing with Gavin and watching "our shows" with me.  He, of course, also bandaged my injury.

I had thought of staying up later, but headed to bed around the normal time of 11ish.

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